The Substitute Wife: My Poor Husband is a Billionaire Chapter 240

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Hearing the voice, Charis turned back and saw Fiona walking into the ward.

She had already learned a lot about Fiona before coming to the hospital. Now, seeing her in person made Charis realize the woman wasn’t as gentle as she seemed in the photo. She looked cunning. Strands of hair around her temples had turned grey and the wrinkles around her eyes seemed more prominent, revealing her age.

“Hello, Mrs. Lind.” Charis withdrew her arms from Jocelyn, stood up, and nodded politely.

“You’re finally here, Miss Turner. That cruel b***h has ruined Jocelyn’s life. Do you see what lengths she had gone to take her revenge?” Fiona grabbed Charis’s hands and lamented.

However, Charis felt disgusted. She had never seen such an unreasonable person in her life. It was Jocelyn who had started all this. She was the one who had hired men to assault Janet, but her plan had backfired.

However, Charis hid her disgust and frustration and forced a smile. “Don’t worry. People cannot do bad deeds and get away with it. They’ll be punished for all their wrongdoings. Janet, too, will pay the price for her mistakes. She will face a terrible, miserable end.”

Fiona looked at her grimly. For a moment, she thought Charis was mocking her. Sometimes, she would wake up in a cold sweat in the middle of the night because the past continued to haunt her even now.

Fiona studied Charis’s face and realized the latter wasn’t mocking her. She seemed cheerful and easygoing. Considering her parents had pampered her and spoiled her, Fiona concluded that Charis was just another sweet innocent girl and there was no hidden meaning behind her words. She thought she could win Charis over by playing the victim.

Fiona sat down and told Charis about how cruel and ungrateful Janet had been to the Lind family.

Charis patiently listened to her. She was aware of the things Fiona had done in the past. The woman seemed smarter than Jocelyn because she had managed to manipulate Bernie, an honest man, to do whatever she wanted. She had done a lot of bad deeds without the Lind family’s knowledge.

She had resorted to despicable means to put Janet into trouble. If Ethan hadn’t helped Janet, Fiona would have succeeded.

Fiona was undoubtedly smarter than Jocelyn and would be able to help Charis. However, there was one downside: Charis wouldn’t be able to easily deceive her.

“Miss Turner, have you been busy of late? Every family has its own problems. I’ve heard about the new predicament in your family. Mrs. Turner and the male star made the headlines again yesterday.” Fiona patted Charis’s hand and sighed concernedly. “By the way, you and Jocelyn seem very close. What do you think of her?”

Bile rose in Charis’s throat. She could understand what Fiona meant.

She wanted Jocelyn to marry into the Turner family. Fiona and her daughter both had thought Charis was a fool who only knew to spend money.

“As you know, there will always be rumors about influential families. My family runs several entertainment companies. Reporters tend to blow things out of proportion. My mom only has a professional relationship with those stars. Don’t believe those baseless rumors,” Charis patiently explained.

‘What a bunch of fools!’

It was stupid of Jocelyn to think she could replace Chairs’s mother. Her confidence both irked and surprised Charis.

Although Luke had affairs with several women, his marriage had always been stable.

Charis’s mother belonged to one of the wealthiest families in the city, and she owned two top entertainment companies in the country. She was a strong, independent woman capable of supporting the Turner family all by herself.

Luke and his wife got married for mutual benefits. They led different lives and had partners outside wedlock. However, they had a good understanding and got along well when they returned home.

Over the years, no matter how many mistresses Luke had, they would never be a threat to his wife and take over her position, because he wouldn’t let it.