The Substitute Wife: My Poor Husband is a Billionaire Chapter 241

Blind Faith

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However, even though she disliked them, Charis knew she had to give Fiona and Jocelyn some hope.

Fiona rubbed her fingers awkwardly and said, “I’m sorry, Miss Turner. Ignore my words.”

“Mrs. Lind, please? I didn’t mean that I don’t like Jocelyn. To be honest, my father has dated a lot of women in the past. But they were all gold diggers. However, Jocelyn is the only one I liked. She is genuine and likes my dad for who he is and not his money.” Charis continued to flatter them, hoping they would take the bait.

Her words ignited a spark of hope in Fiona’s heart.

“What do you mean, Miss Turner?” Fiona and Jocelyn exchanged glances. They were on an emotional rollercoaster

“My father had stopped loving my mother a long time ago; their marriage is already d**d. In fact, I’d be doing them a favor by helping them find true love.” Charis sighed dramatically. She knew this was what Fiona hoped to hear from her.

“My father likes you a lot.” She smiled at Jocelyn. “You have been with him for a while, right? I have never seen him be this happy with any woman before. It was he who asked me to visit you and see if you were okay.”

Both Fiona and Jocelyn couldn’t contain their excitement. They looked at each other, grinning.

“Mr. Turner has seldom mentioned his family to me. He would always avoid the topic every time I asked about it. After a while, he grew impatient. Besides, he never takes me to important occasions. It made me think he doesn’t like me.” A smile finally appeared on Jocelyn’s face.

Luke had been an enigma, and she had always struggled to find out what was going on in his mind. However, Charis’s words gave her a sense of assurance. She had been with Luke for a long time. Every time they met, Luke would take her to some fancy restaurant and then to a hotel as if it were a mandatory procedure.

The two had been dating for months now. But Jocelyn still knew nothing about the Turner family. She had concluded that Luke regarded her as a plaything to satisfy his needs.

“My father is a reserved man. He doesn’t like people questioning him and never expresses his feelings. Only his actions prove how much he likes someone. He has been doing business for years. You know how businessmen are; they are used to masking their true emotions. If someone finds out how much he cares about you, they might use that to hurt him, right?” Charis exaggerated to convince the two.

She was as cunning as her father and was good at making up stories.

“I think you have a point.” Jocelyn lowered her head, trying to suppress her smile. She believed Charis’s words and began fantasizing about becoming the new Mrs. Turner.

Fiona seemed equally happy. She held Charis’s hand, her face bright with delight. “That’s great. When Jocelyn marries your father someday, you two can look out for each other.”

Fiona herself used to be the other woman. She believed that all men were weak, and it was easy to seduce them.

“Mrs. Lind, there is no rush. Marriage is a long-term commitment. It requires a lot of planning” Charis forced a smile. But deep down, she was disgusted by their greed.

“I agree.” Fiona nodded in understanding. There was indeed no rush. They had to take it slow.

She felt a rush of anger at the miserable sight of her daughter lying on the bed. “I want to take revenge on Janet. She has to pay the price for hurting Jocelyn.”


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