The Substitute Wife: My Poor Husband is a Billionaire Chapter 242

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Seeing that Fiona was agitated, Charis thought for a while and said, “Janet is a cunning woman. You must be careful. or she will hurt you instead.”

“My daughter is just a rookie when it comes to all these. She didn’t know what Janet was capable of doing. But don’t worry, Miss Turner. We will chart a perfect plan before taking action. We won’t fail this time.” Fiona’s eyes glinted with malice.

After a moment’s pause, she looked at Charis. The anger on her face disappeared in an instant. “Miss Turner, Janet also works in the Larson Group.” She smiled. “You are in a higher position than her. I wonder if you could help us out when the day comes?”

Fiona could tell that Charis didn’t like Janet either.

Charis pursed her lips and mulled it over.

She wanted to use Jocelyn and Fiona to fulfill her plan so that she didn’t have to get directly involved in it. Therefore, she didn’t mind helping them as long as it didn’t cause her trouble.

“Hmm… I’ll see if I can do something.” Charis shook her head without giving a proper answer.

She felt it would be best to leave room for negotiation. Considering her work was done, she stood up.

“Mrs. Lind, I need to go back to work now. It was nice meeting you.” Charis walked out without looking back.

Meanwhile, Janet stared at the rising sun, holding the toothpaste in her hand. She seemed absentminded.

Seeing that the toothpaste in her hand was about to drop on the floor, Ethan grabbed her wrist. “You’ve been this way ever since you came back yesterday.”

Hearing his voice, Janet blinked and snapped back to reality. “Ethan, how do you think Jocelyn is doing now?” she asked in a daze.

She wasn’t used to harming people and couldn’t stop thinking about Jocelyn.

“If you want to know about it, I’ll find out in the afternoon.” Ethan squirted the toothpaste on Janet’s brush and ruffled her hair.

“How will you find out? I don’t want others to know about it.” Janet frowned.

The guilt was slowly eating her.

“I have my ways. I’ll tell you about it when I return home tonight,” Ethan said, staring into her eyes.

That evening, Ethan thoroughly investigated what had happened to Jocelyn before going back home and told Janet all about it.

Janet was cooking dinner at the kitchen. She looked up at Ethan and breathed a sigh of relief. “Thank God she is still alive.” Fortunately, things didn’t end too badly for Jocelyn, even though she deserved to be punished for plotting against Janet.

However, Ethan didn’t seem relieved. Both Jocelyn and her mother were vindictive people. He knew they would undoubtedly wreak havoc in their lives.

“You have to be careful. Janet. This is only the beginning.” Ethan’s eyes narrowed as he looked at her.

“That’s what I’m worried about.” Janet frowned. “I’m her sworn enemy now. She will undoubtedly seek revenge.”