The Substitute Wife: My Poor Husband is a Billionaire Chapter 244


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Ever since the incident that happened in the cafe, Janet had never seen Kent again.

And just when she thought that her life was starting to get peaceful again, she received a call from him.

Janet was still at work, so she didn’t want to answer the call. However, it was hard to ignore his incessant calls. so in the end, she relented and answered it.

“Aren’t you going to thank me for saving your life last time, Miss Lind?” Janet could hear Kent chuckling as he said those words.

Originally, she just didn’t like him. But after what he did, she now hated his guts. However, it was true that she did owe him a big favor. If he hadn’t stopped her from drinking the coffee, she might’ve been the one who got raped.

“Fine. I hear you. What do you want, Mr. Perkins?” Janet asked after glancing around vigilantly.

“Hmm… What do I want? Would you like to drop by my house tomorrow night?” Kent bantered.

“Mr. Perkins, please don’t poke fun at me. Otherwise, I’m going to hang up on you.” Because of his senseless joke, Janet got impatient.

Upon hearing that she was about to hang up, Kent had to get serious. “Sorry, I was just kidding. Don’t be mad. Well, how about having dinner with me instead?”

Naturally, Janet didn’t want to see Kent on her own. She figured it would be best to ask Ethan to tag along.

“Alright, I’ll treat you to dinner, but I’ll decide the time and location,” she answered.

“Sure. Just send me the address once you’ve decided.” A smile appeared on Kent’s face.

That evening, after work, Janet and Ethan went to see Kent.

She booked a table in a Japanese restaurant, which was famous for their crabs. When they entered the restaurant, they saw the Japanese-themed ambiance of the establishment. There were small bridges, a pond and rockeries, and some koi in the pond. It was tranquil inside.

The moment the door behind Kent opened up, he sat up straight and turned about. “Miss Lind, you’re—”

But before he could finish his sentence, his face dimmed.

Behind Janet, there was a tall man. Ethan was wearing all black; his eyes could barely be seen beneath the baseball cap he was wearing. All Kent could see was his aquiline nose and jaw.

“My husband wanted to thank you in person,” Janet said with a smile. She had already expected this outcome.

While she was speaking, she urged Ethan to sit down.

“Oh… it’s no big deal!” Kent pretended to be okay with it, albeit he was actually reluctant of the man’s presence.

Ethan, on the other hand, had worn a stern expression since the moment he entered the room. He didn’t look grateful to Kent at all. Upon noticing the look on his face, Janet pinched his arm. It was only then that Ethan spoke. “My wife is right. We do thank you for your help,” he said politely.

Then, he picked up the teacup on the table and took a sip. All of a sudden, he cast Kent a sharp gaze. “But if you dare touch my wife again, I will not spare you, Mr. Perkins.”

Kent just raised his eyebrows at Ethan and said nothing.

He had already inquired about Janet’s husband before. In his eyes, Ethan was nothing but the embarrassing b*****d son of the Lester family. He believed that there was nothing Ethan could do to him. Because if that weren’t the case, he would’ve already stayed away from Janet.

That being said, Kent didn’t take his warning seriously. He just put on a smile and raised his glass. “Don’t get me wrong. Janet and I are just friends. No more, no less.”


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