The Substitute Wife: My Poor Husband is a Billionaire Chapter 245

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Ethan sipped his tea and didn’t utter a single word. He knew full well what was going through Kent’s mind. Kent had been playing the field, and he was certain that he wouldn’t give up on Janet so easily.

However, inherently, Keny wasn’t a bad person. Besides, Janet didn’t like him in any event, so Ethan wasn’t worried in the least bit. Since Kent had saved Janet once before, Ethan decided it best not to do anything about him at this juncture.

The expression on Ethan’s face made Kent’s hair stand on end. For the life of him, he couldn’t even begin to fathom what Ethan was thinking.

Just then, the waiter served the crab dish. Ethan picked up a crab leg.

“Have a taste of this,” Ethan said, placing the crab leg into Janet’s plate while glancing at Kent with an air of indifference. “Please help yourself, Mr. Perkins.”

With a fake, forced smile, Kent nodded.

He didn’t enjoy the meal at all. To be honest, he had even purchased a box of condoms before he had come here tonight. Now, however, it was clear that it wouldn’t be put to its intended use tonight.

The three of them parted ways after dinner.

Janet and Ethan were just about to go home together. The Japanese restaurant was located in a high-end shopping mall which sold a range of luxury, designer items.

When they passed by a jewelry store, the glass display of the season’s new arrivals in the window caught her eye. There were fiery red rubies on display. The dazzling rubies were expertly imbedded in white gold. It was simply breathtaking. There was a sense of wildness in the design and color choices.

Janet was a designer herself, so naturally she was drawn to the display like a bee to have a closer look. She wondered whether she could translate this design for an application to a clothes line. Clothing would be stunning with this kind of design.

When Ethan noticed Janet had stopped, he peered in the direction of her gaze. The ruby necklace in the window was work of art and eye-catching.

“Do you like it?” he asked, walking up to join her beside the window.

The soft, warm light fell on Janet’s face, making her smile look even more beautiful than usual. Her eyes were sparkling with admiration. It was quite apparent that she was impressed. She said, “Don’t you think it’s very beautiful? This designer really is nothing short of a genius.”

However, Janet was just appreciating the designer and this outstanding work. She didn’t want the jewelry as much as she appreciated its design. Besides, she couldn’t afford it anyway.

It was too luxurious for her. Only the exceptionally wealthy could buy it if they took a liking to it.

It occurred to Ethan that Garrett often gave jewelry as gifts to women, and reasoned that women were probably quite attracted to sparkly, shiny things. On that basis, he came to the conclusion that Janet must want it. She didn’t admit it because she probably thought that it was way out of their affordability range.

Ethan kept his poker face on and began to devise a plan to buy the necklace for her without her suspecting him.

Janet didn’t have the foggiest idea about what was going through his mind. She took out her phone and hesitated in taking pictures of the necklace. After all, most of the stores here didn’t allow others to take photos of their exclusive products.

Just then, a condescending voice was heard coming just inside the store. “Miss Lind, you have been standing there for a long time. Do you need me to ask for the manager’s permission for you to take photos?”.


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