The Substitute Wife: My Poor Husband is a Billionaire Chapter 247

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“What?” Before Emani could figure out what Janet meant, the latter had already dragged her into the shop.

The shop’s decoration was bedazzling. It was already dark outside, but inside the store, it was bright as day.

When the shop clerks saw them come in, they surrounded the two and greeted them.

Janet let go of Emani’s arm, looking around while holding her phone. She then intentionally raised her voice and said, “Miss Gomez, now that you’re here, I can take as many photos as I want!”

Having said that, she began taking photos of the jewelry inside the store.

The look on the faces of the shop clerks changed. One of them hurried to stop her. She blocked Janet’s camera phone using her hand and said with a professional smile, “Sorry, ma’am, but taking photos of our products is prohibited. Please put your phone away.”

Pretending as though she was surprised, Janet covered her mouth and glanced at Emani. The latter stood rooted to her spot, dumbstruck. “But Miss Gomez said that she’s a VIP customer here. She must’ve told you that she allowed me to take photos here in advance, right? She’s a celebrity. Is she not allowed to do that?”

The shop clerk glanced at Emani and said, “As I recall, Miss Gomez has never even shopped here. How could she be one of our VIP customers?”

All of the shop clerks here were smart, and they remembered who their regulars were.

Emani was so embarrassed that she just wanted to run away. As a matter of fact, the shop assistant was telling the truth. She never shopped here even once, and was in fact, not a VIP.

Besides, this was an international luxury jewelry brand, and it had incredibly famous stars endorsing it. None of these people would take her seriously.

Emani only said those words earlier to mock Janet. She didn’t expect that Janet would actually come in here and take photos.

Awkwardly, the shop clerk glanced at Emani once more. “That said, our store policy dictates that it is prohibited to take photos of our products. Miss Gomez, if you like any jewelry from our selection, you can make a purchase.”

“No, it’s okay. I have more than enough jewelry at home already,” Emani replied shaking her head. She tried to stay as calm as possible. All she wanted to do now was to get away from here.

She knew that she wouldn’t be able to afford any of the jewelry here, considering how all of them were too expensive for her. Her salary was high, but she didn’t have that much savings because of her extravagant lifestyle. Buying even one piece in this store could bankrupt her.

On occasion, she would come here just to window-shop, but that was all.

Seeing that Emani didn’t seem like she could afford any of the items here, Janet put her phone away and nodded. She then looked at Emani while wearing a sardonic smile. “Oh? In that case, why did you ask me to come in here and take photos? Why’d you have to embarrass yourself like that, Miss Gomez?”

By this point, Emani was too ashamed to speak. She just gritted her teeth, loathing Janet to her core.

This was an eye-opener for Emani. She couldn’t tell from Janet’s looks that the latter actually had a sharp tongue.

Now that things had come to this, Janet no longer cared about the way Emani was looking at her. Just as she was about to leave, she saw that Ethan had walked into the store. He was standing in front of the showcase, staring at fine ruby necklace.

“Do you like it too? Why are you staring at it?” Janet asked, holding his hand.

“I think it would look great on you,” Ethan replied, staring at her affectionately.

“I don’t really want it. With that kind of money, we can buy several houses. Let’s go home. I’m done here. Janet smiled at him. His words were a delight to hear.

Just before they could leave the store, one of the shop clerks suddenly stopped them.

“Ma’am, hold on.”