The Substitute Wife: My Poor Husband is a Billionaire Chapter 248

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In utter confusion, Janet looked back at the shop attendant and asked calmly, “Is there anything else?”

A polite smile was on the attendant’s face at this time. Her attitude towards Janet had changed drastically. Bowing to the two, she replied respectfully, “Miss, you can take as many photos as you want. We also have lots of classics here. If you want to have a look at them, we will gladly show them to you.”

Janet was taken aback by these words.

Emani, whose blood was boiling, became confused.

Janet pursed her lips and took a look at Ethan. The shop attendant’s sudden change of attitude was not only surprising, but also confusing. She found it hard to believe. With a frown, she asked, “I thought it wasn’t allowed. Why the sudden change of rules?”

‘Is this shop attendant trying to land me in trouble? Could it be a new way of hooking people to pay for the goods here?’ she pondered.

The shop attendant’s smile widened. She responded politely, “Exceptions are made for every rule. Since you are a distinguished guest, we can make an exception for you.”

This explanation heightened Janet’s confusion. She thought, ‘Me? A distinguished guest? When did I become one? Weren’t they treating me like a pauper just now?’

Several doubtful thoughts also filled Emani’s mind. She didn’t believe the attendant’s words one bit. In her mind, she concluded, ‘This is probably a joke or a misunderstanding. Janet is just an ordinary employee of the Larson Group. She can’t possibly be a distinguished guest!”

“What do you mean by that? Has there been a misunderstanding or what? How did she become your distinguished guest? Are you sure of what you are saying?” Emani blurted out when she couldn’t keep calm anymore.

Completely ignoring Emani, the shop attendant walked to Janet and reverentially motioned for her to come along to the exclusive VIP reception area. “Welcome to the VIP reception area, Miss Lind. Please have a seat. After we sort out the best classics for you, you will be served some refreshments.”

The other employees immediately went about their duties, paying no heed to Emani no matter what she said.

Some of them put on black gloves and began to take out the jewelry classics that had been kept in the topmost sections of the glass display shelves. They carefully displayed them in front of Janet and Ethan.

These pieces of jewelry were a sight to behold. They ranged from gold, silver, diamond, sapphires, and a host of others. They were so beautiful that Janet was speechless.

When Ethan glanced at Janet, he saw that she stretched out her hand to touch them, but she drew it back the next second. He could see that she was amazed by the jewelry but a bit scared to touch them. He found her behavior so lovely and funny.

“Are you sure you can see them clearly from a distance?” In a bid to put Janet out of her misery, Ethan picked up the box of jewelry she had been staring at and moved it closer to her.

Janet leaned close to him and whispered in his ear, “I just secretly checked the prices of these pieces of jewelry. They are so expensive. It’s not wise to touch them. What if I accidentally break them?”

A lot of worries ran through Janet’s mind. She didn’t trust the employees here. She smelled something fishy because of their strange behaviors. As far as she was concerned, this might be a trap. She felt that they would force her to buy it if she broke anything.

Ethan lowered his head and snickered. He then leaned against the sofa and threw his head back, laughing. After having a good laugh, he looked at his wife with warmth in his eyes. “Don’t worry. If you break anything, I will pay for it.”

Janet felt butterflies in her stomach when she saw the warmth in Ethan’s eyes just now. It made her feel relieved some type of way.

‘Jeez! He’s so handsome!’ Janet’s cheeks turned red as she glanced at him.

With her husband’s assurance, she didn’t hesitate anymore. She picked up a piece of jewelry and took a close look at it.

It was at this time that a shop attendant came in with a tray filled with sliced fruits and delicate desserts.

“Miss, have you seen any one you like here? If none of the pieces here catches your fancy, you can check out our exclusive pieces. They haven’t been made for sale to the public yet. Since they are custom made, they will take some time to be delivered after the order is made,” the shop attendant explained as she poured tea for Janet and Ethan.

For the umpteenth time in the last half an hour, Janet was shocked. She pinched her t***h to make sure she wasn’t dreaming or imagining things. ‘What’s going on? I’m dressed in cheap clothes, so I look nothing like a wealthy woman. How come this shop attendant thinks I can afford custom-made jewelry?’

Just when Janet was lost in thought, she noticed something. The shop assistant kept looking at the wedding ring on her finger. It was then she realized why the employees treated her so reverentially. She touched her ring and circled it with her finger. “Ahem… You keep staring at my ring. Is anything the matter?”