The Substitute Wife: My Poor Husband is a Billionaire Chapter 252

The New Diamond Ring

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After a moment’s hesitation, Janet still took the dazzling blue diamond ring off despite Ethan’s objection and placed it on his palm.

Ethan let go of her and stared at the diamond ring. “What are you doing?”

Janet folded his fingers against the diamond ring and smiled at him. “The family heirloom must be of great significance to you. Judging from the expression of the shop attendant today, it looks like the ring is more precious than we think, so I can’t wear it.”

“I will never take back what I give others.” Ethan’s brows furrowed as he stared into her eyes.

However, he was relieved that Janet stopped asking him where he got the ring.

Janet bit her lip and looked at him, her eyes glinting with mischief. “I’m not returning it to you. I just want you to safely keep it for me. I’ll wear it on important occasions. It’s ridiculous to wear such an enormous ring every day knowing it’s the real deal.”

Ethan had no choice but to put the ring away. He decided it would be better for him not to give any valuable rings to Janet for the time being.

“All right then. I’ll keep it in a safe place. You can wear it whenever you want,” Ethan muttered, stroking the ring. “Let’s go to the mall now. You pick a diamond ring you’d feel comfortable wearing every day, and I’ll pay the bill.”

After a moment’s thought, Janet nodded. “It’s already late now. Why don’t we go tomorrow after I get off work?”

Then, she turned around to return to her room.

Ethan grabbed her elbow and dragged her to his side. “Are you playing dumb? What did I tell you?” he asked, raising his chin toward the bedroom.

“I don’t know what you are talking about.” Janet’s cheeks turned red. She had clearly heard what Ethan said earlier.

Ethan was blocking her way to the bedroom. He folded his arms across his chest and looked into her eyes. “You’re not mad at me, so you can move back into my room.”

Janet looked up at him and snorted with disdain. “Since you lied to me again, I’m going to see how you behave before making a decision. Get out of my way. I have to go to work tomorrow.”

Ethan’s face drooped with disappointment. He sighed and stepped away, letting Janet return to her room.


The next afternoon.

After Janet got off work, Ethan picked her up, and the two went to the shopping mall together.

Janet didn’t want expensive rings from luxury brands, so Ethan took her to a small jewelry shop in the mall. After examining the different rings displayed before her, Janet finally picked a simple ring with a small stone.

“That’s the one.” Janet picked it up and smiled. “I think it’s beautiful.” Although the ring looked plain and simple, it was comfortable and gave her a sense of assurance.

She looked up at Ethan and asked, “Would you like to get a matching ring as well?”

The smile on Janet’s face melted his heart. He nodded and tried to choose a matching diamond ring for himself.

Finally, Janet picked out a pair of affordable yet elegant diamond rings for themselves. However, Ethan wasn’t used to buying inexpensive jewelry, so he felt a bit uncomfortable.

“Put it on.” Janet took out the ring from the brocade box and slid it on Ethan’s finger. An ecstatic smile emerged on her face as she placed her hand beside his and saw the two matching rings sparkling under the light.

Ethan couldn’t help but smile at how happy she looked.

Just as they were about to leave after paying the bill, a woman walked into the shop. She was wearing a hat, a pair of sunglasses, and a mask. The woman clutched the bag in her hand and hurriedly strutted forward.

Janet frowned when the woman walked past her. The dress she was wearing looked somehow familiar. Janet stopped and turned to look at her again.


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