The Substitute Wife: My Poor Husband is a Billionaire Chapter 254


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Fiona was at a complete loss about what to do about this. She held the bawling Jocelyn in her embrace, and asked, “Honey, I am here for you. Tell me, what’s going on?”

Because of her incessant sobbing, Jocelyn couldn’t even bring herself to speak coherently. After somewhat calming herself down, she took out her phone. Her fingers were trembling. She said, “Have a look for yourself, Mom. I can’t bear to look at it again, or I might want to k**l myself.”

After saying that, Jocelyn bent her knees and sat on the couch, covering her ears with both hands. She was shivering from head to toe.

Fiona’s heart shattered when she saw the horrible state her daughter was in. She unlocked the phone and clicked on the first video.

In the video, she saw a group of several men with Jocelyn and the bottom of them all. They were having s*x. Even though Jocelyn’s hair was sweaty and her face red, it was quite easy to make out that it was her.

The video was so obscene that Fiona couldn’t bear looking at it a second longer. The acts the men were performing on Jocelyn was simply unthinkable to Fiona. The video went on for three hours.

“That b***h Janet! This is all because of her! I will k**l her” Fiona was filled with such fiery rage that she couldn’t bear to watch the video for a second longer. She turned the phone off and flung it violently onto the table. The screen shattered from the force.

Jocelyn covered her ears with her hands, cried miserably and said in a high-pitched voice, “It was those men who sent the video to me. They blackmailed me with the video. They said that they would post it online if I don’t give them the money they’ve demanded. Those b******s! I am the one who hired them in the first place!”

Fiona tried to reign in her anger. She took a seat next to the wailing Jocelyn and comforted her. “Don’t worry about this, honey. I will handle it for you. So far, I am the only person you have showed this to, right?”

“I didn’t dare to tell Charis about it. I was afraid she might tell Luke. Luke can’t see this, or he will be repulsed by me and leave me!” Jocelyn cried hysterically.

Jocelyn’s face could be seen so clearly in the video. If the video was posted online, she didn’t know how she could live with it. Every man in Seacisco would be disgusted with her, not to mention Luke.

No man could accept the idea of their girlfriend being gang-raped. Even though Luke had known that she had been with a lot of men before, the video was too obscene to even watch. She was completely disgusted with it when she looked at it.

Initially, she had been the one who hired those men to rape Janet and make a video of it so that she could blackmail her with it later. She had never thought that she would fall prey to her own plan.

Fiona got a throbbing migraine. She asked, “How much are they asking for?”

Jocelyn sobbed and wiped her tears away. “One hundred thousand dollars.”

“Okay, we can figure it out. It’s not that much.” Fiona then continued with a more serious look on her face, “But they aren’t upstanding people. They will keep asking us for money, and larger sums of money each time. We can’t let that happen.”


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