The Substitute Wife: My Poor Husband is a Billionaire Chapter 255

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“Aargh! What do we do then? We can’t let them post that video! My whole life will come crashing down if that video gets out!” Jocelyn pulled her hair as she spoke. She had never been this desperate before. She was sweating, yelling, and crying hysterically all at the same time.

Her current countenance worried Fiona to d***h. She was scared that her precious daughter would suffer a mental breakdown because of this issue. To avoid this, she sighed deeply and said comfortingly, “I won’t let that happen to you, honey. I’ll think of a way to solve this issue before it escalates. Just trust me.”

“You better hurry up, Mom! You better hurry up. Those guys gave me only five days to make up my mind. Time is not on our side, so think of something fast!” Jocelyn ordered disrespectfully.

Fiona became even more anxious after hearing her daughter’s order. She tapped her right foot on the floor nervously and thought for a while. All of a sudden, she said, “If we want to solve this matter once and for all, we have to get rid of those men. But how do we go about it? We don’t have any power or money to hire skillful assassins to do the d***y work. Worse still, we can’t ask Luke for help.”

The next second, she snapped her fingers as if she had realized something. She then held Jocelyn’s hand and added seriously, “We have to ask Charis for help.”

“That’s a very bad idea, Mom. What if she tells her father? I don’t trust her concerning something this big. She might not be on our side this time!” Jocelyn shook her head vigorously.

“I know we shouldn’t trust Charis completely, but we aren’t spoiled for choice now. She’s our only option.” Fiona had serious trust issues. But now that she was in a tight corner, she could only hope that Charis was as nice and kind-hearted as she seemed to be and that she would agree to help them.

She put a call through to her immediately.

Charis thought the matter through after hearing Fiona out. ‘‘Hmmm. Should I help these folks? I guess I should. If these blackmailers continue to disturb Jocelyn and Fiona, they wouldn’t have the time and energy to deal with Janet for me. My plan would flop again. No, I can’t let that happen. I have to help them.”

“Mrs. Lind, don’t worry. I’m sure there’s a way out. I can help you, but I can only help you investigate those men. Would that be enough for you?”

As much as Charis wanted to help them, she didn’t want to get her hands d***y. If anyone found out she was involved in such a thing, she would be in big trouble. Charis wanted to crush her enemies. However, she always made her moves discreetly because she had to protect her family’s name. She came from a decent family, so it would be unwise to pull their name into the mud because of such a frivolity.

Fiona was surprised by how Charis readily agreed to help. She was so relieved that she thanked her severally. It was indeed a big favor that Charis decided to provide them with valuable information.

Charis immediately contacted her private investigators. Within two hours, she found out the men’s personal information, plate numbers, and the places that they often went to.

Fiona and Jocelyn followed the men for three whole days.

From their activities, both women were able to gather that the men were jobless and that they slept in their rental apartment until noon. They were fond of clubbing all night in different nightclubs. All of them also reeked of alcohol and weed.

It was not until the fourth day that Fiona found that they often drove home drunk.

This silly behavior of theirs was a weak point. Fiona soon came up with a plan.

“Mom, have you figured out a way to deal with those men? If you haven’t, let’s just pay them off now. We have only one day left. We shouldn’t let the ultimatum elapse without doing anything!” Jocelyn was on tenterhooks.

She hadn’t been able to sleep well since she got these video clip. Her sleep was plagued with nightmares of her world being destroyed. Even during the day, she couldn’t concentrate on anything.

Fiona grabbed her hand and they went home. A devilish glint blazed in her eyes at this moment. She said to Jocelyn confidently, “Don’t worry, dearie. They won’t live to see the end of tomorrow.”

Without explaining further, she took out her phone and dialed a number. She then commanded, “Send someone to Ocean Wave Club tonight.”