The Substitute Wife: My Poor Husband is a Billionaire Chapter 258

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After a moment’s hesitation, Adolf said, “To be honest, this has happened before, Miss Turner. Some employees just have outstanding performance, and our company offers them the right opportunity and rewards to help them grow.”

His statement irked Charis. “Pierce, ‘m not asking for your opinion.”

Adolf had been working in the Larson Group for many years, so he could tell Charis was up to something. It was most likely the employee had offended her.

Noticing his hesitation, Charis reminded him, “I helped you once when I was abroad. You owe me a favor.”

Adolf was rendered speechless. He was indebted to Charis. Besides, she had made a great contribution to the Larson Group. Although she wasn’t as powerful as Brandon and Garrett, she, too, held a significant position in the company. Therefore, Adolf didn’t dare to offend her.

“Yes, Miss Turner. I’ll take care of this.” Adolf sensed something was wrong, but he had no choice but to listen to Charis.

He sighed and went to meet Tiffany.

Tiffany was reviewing the latest design drafts in her office. Her eyes widened when she saw Adolf. “Mr. Pierce, you can give me a call if you need anything. Why take the trouble of coming all the way here to see me?”

She had already reported to Adolf, and he could summon her to his office if he wanted to say anything. Tiffany couldn’t understand why he was here.

“I just had lunch, so I thought of dropping by your office on my way back. Well, I heard something this morning and wanted to know more about it.” Adolf pulled out a chair and sat opposite Tiffany.

It would be too formal and conspicuous to call Tiffany to his office, so he decided to come and meet her in person.

Tiffany studied his face for a moment and nodded earnestly. “Sure. What do you want to talk about?”

Adolf scratched his chin and went straight to the point. “I heard you’ve appointed Janet Lind as the head of the Perkins Group project. Well…the project is very important to us, and Janet is not qualified to handle it. She has been with us only for a few months. Other experienced designers are still working on the draft. Don’t you think it’s a bit hasty to make her in charge of this project?”

A frown lined Tiffany’s forehead. “I think Janet is competent.”

“It doesn’t seem like a good idea to me. I feel it’s a bit unfair to the other designers.” Adolf shook his head worriedly.

Tiffany could tell that Adolf was firm with his decision. Besides, he was her superior, so she didn’t bother arguing with him anymore. “Okay, I’ll appoint an experienced designer to handle this project.”

Hearing that, Adolf nodded and left.


Janet was excited about the new project. She was happily sorting the documents she might need.

Just then, Tiffany called Janet to her office.

“Well, our superior still thinks you’re a bit inexperienced to handle this project, so we have decided to appoint a more proficient designer to take over the project.” Tiffany sighed and patted Janet’s shoulder. “I’m sorry. You are capable and talented. I’m sure you’ll get a chance to prove yourself in the future.”

Janet’s smile vanished, and the excitement in her heart died in an instant. She lowered her eyes to hide her disappointment. “I understand. I promise to work harder in the future.”

Tiffany squeezed her shoulder reassuringly. “I’m sure you’ll achieve something in this industry. It’s all my fault. I shouldn’t have told you about it until we finalized the decision.”

Janet gave a wry smile and left Tiffany’s office.

After taking deep breaths, she returned to the desk and slumped on the chair dejectedly.