The Substitute Wife: My Poor Husband is a Billionaire Chapter 262

Car Accident

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Janet’s mind slipped out of focus when she read the message from Ethan.

What had happened? He had already agreed to have dinner with her. Why did he now suddenly say that he couldn’t make it?

“That s***s!” She put her phone aside and began packing her things up in an unhappy mood.

Gerda noticed that she looked unhappy so she nudged her and said, “We have all heard the exciting news! You’re going to be the chief designer of a project, why do you look so down?”

“I’m not unhappy. You’re just imagining things!” Janet pinched Gerda’s chubby face gently and made a face at her.

Regardless of what Ethan had said, she was in a good mood today so she didn’t let it get to her. Perhaps he really was caught up with some kind of emergency.

When Gerda noticed that Janet was about to leave, an idea popped into her head. “It’s your first time in charge of a project. Would you like to celebrate the achievement perhaps? There is a new pizza place downtown. I heard the pizza from there is amazing. Do you want to give it a try?”

Janet blinked her eyes with confusion. After due thought, she nodded and said, “Sure, I’m free tonight anyway.”

In any event, it didn’t seem like Ethan would be home any time soon.

Gerda was happy when she heard Janet’s answer. But then she replied with a crestfallen expression on her face, “But I don’t know if I have the time to get pizza. I have to finish my last design draft urgently today. That pizza place is really popular, we might have to wait in a queue for a while.”

Janet was amused by the sad look at Gerda’s face. She responded, “Take it easy. I’ll got ahead of you and wait in the line, then you can come join me later. How does that sound?”

“Janet, you are an angel from heaven!” Gerda hugged her and kissed her appreciatively. “I love you so much.”

“Alright, alright. Go finish your design quickly, or the pizza might get cold by the time you get there!” Janet smiled and said. Then she lifted up her bag and made her ways to the elevator.

Meanwhile, Charis was standing on the higher level of the building, waiting for Ethan to complete his perusal of the financial statement. From her vantage point, she looked through the window and her eyes fell on a woman standing on the roadside.

Judging from the woman’s figure, she guessed that the woman was none other than Janet. She seemed to be waiting for a taxi to pick her up.

Fiona had asked Charis to inform her immediately when she saw Janet get in a car.

Charis’s phone was a luxury, smart phone sporting a high-definition camera. Even at a distance, she could take remarkably clear photos of the cars on the road. She clicked two pictures of the car when Janet got into it. The license plate number and the appearance of the car were captured clearly in the photos.

She secretly sent the photos to Fiona, together with a text letting her know that Janet had got into the car and looked like she was headed up north from the Larson Group.

Janet felt so fortunate that there weren’t too many people in the pizza restaurant tonight and she managed to get a table within mere ten minutes. Gerda joined her shortly after.

Janet learnt from her previous experience and decided against the idea of alcohol. Instead, she just ordered juice. By the time they had eaten their fill, it was almost ten o’clock at night.

“Lind, where do you live? My place is up that direction. Would you like to take a taxi with me?” Gerda burped and asked.

“ I live near the company, in the opposite direction to your place.” With a smile, Janet hailed a taxi and asked Gerda to get in it first. “I will wait for the next one. Send me a message when you arrive home safely.”

After sending Gerda off, Janet got on another taxi soon.

It was already late at night, but the streets were still bustling in the city.

Janet felt full and sleepy. She leaned against the car window and noticed the car was driving towards a bridge. The river was glistening under the moonlight. The bright, crescent moon was slowly rising higher into the sky.

Just when she was about to close her eyes for some rest, something rather odd caught her eye. She opened her eyes wide and saw an old, beat up truck headed directly towards them.

Before she had a moment to react, the truck hit them head on.

The taxi was knocked over the railing of the bridge, and the two vehicles fell into the river, stirring up a huge wave on impact with the water…


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