The Substitute Wife: My Poor Husband is a Billionaire Chapter 264

Rescuing Janet

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Ethan had hired Laney to secretly protect Janet. Her everyday mission was to follow Janet around and make sure she reached home safely.

Today, after Janet and her colleague finished dinner and parted way, Laney followed Janet in her motorcycle.

Seeing the truck collide with Janet’s taxi and both vehicles tumble into the river at high speed, Laney came to her rescue.

Laney took off her helmet and jumped into the river without hesitation Janet was in danger, and Laney had to save her right away.

Ripples of water exploded on the surface as she plunged into the river.

The moonlight penetrated the tranquil, icy river, and the car slowly sank into its deep recesses.

Laney dove into the water and quickly swam to the window. The windows were locked on either sides. She peered through the window and saw that the car wasn’t filled with water yet.

The driver was stuck in the driver’s seat as the airbag had expanded; his eyes were tightly shut. Janet was lying in the back seat. The huge impact had knocked her unconscious.

Laney swam around, picked up a stone from the riverbed, and smashed the window. Then, she slid a hand inside, opened the door, and pulled Janet out the surface of the water.

Her ability was limited, so she could only save one person.

Laney wiped the water from her eyes. Her pink lips had already turned pale because of the cold water. She was gasping for breath. Laney gripped Janet’s waist and swam toward the riverbank.

Fortunately, Janet wasn’t heavy, and Laney had been working out for years. Otherwise, the two would have drowned in the turbulent river.

Laney looked around and found that the river was broad, and the tide was growing stronger. Unfortunately, they were in the middle of the river.

“Miss Lind, can you hear me?”

Janet was unconscious, and Laney had trouble waking her up. Laney reasoned it was impossible for her to swim to the river bank with the unconscious Janet on her back.

The flowing current carried them downstream. Laney tried her best to prevent them from getting isolated. Fortunately, the water washed them to a sand bar in the river a couple of meters away, so they narrowly escaped d***h.

Laney dragged Janet to the sand bar and scrambled to her feet. She took a deep breath and blew into Janet’s mouth.

Moments later, Janet spat out a mouthful of water and began coughing violently. Her pale lips gradually regained color.

“It’s all right. Any discomfort or difficulty in breathing is absolutely normal because the water got into your lungs,” Laney said calmly as she gently patted Janet’s back and looked around for help.

It was a quiet night. They were stuck in the middle of the river, and no one could find them until the sunlight illuminated the surroundings.

After Janet’s coughing fits ceased, she took a deep breath and braced her trembling body. Then, she looked at the woman beside her and examined the surroundings. “Miss, who are you? What am I doing here? What happened!”

Janet didn’t remember anything after the truck hit her. She could only recall the blinding flashlight after which she had passed out.


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