The Substitute Wife: My Poor Husband is a Billionaire Chapter 267

Wait For The Rescue Team

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Charis remained calm the entire time. K*****g someone’s chances of survival didn’t seem like a big deal for her. To Charis, it was no different from accidentally stepping on an ant.

Anyway, if Janet died, only Fiona and Jocelyn would get caught. No one would suspect Charis.

A moment later, the bathroom door flew open, and Ethan walked out.

He returned to his seat and glanced at his phone as if something had occurred to him.

A pang of jealousy settled in Charis’s heart when she saw the concern in his eyes. He was obviously thinking about Janet, and probably even wanted to call her. She didn’t want him to think about anyone else when he was with her. ‘‘What’s so great about Janet?’’ Charis thought. Except for her pretty face, she couldn’t think of any other strong point.

“Are you worried about your wife? Have you planned a date with her? I’m sorry to make you stay and deal with business. Let’s finish it as soon as possible so that you can go back.”

Charis smiled apologetically and leaned closer to him. Men liked considerate women, so she decided to distract him without garnering his suspicion.

“By the way, what did you want to discuss with me now?”

Ethan didn’t sense anything wrong. He picked up the documents and continued to discuss the problems and loopholes with Charis. “You know a lot about the overseas market. I’ve analyzed a few reasons. Have a look at these.

Can you find a solution based on this?”

It was getting late. A thick layer of mist enveloped the river.

“What happened? Didn’t you get through?” Laney moved around to keep her body warm. Breath vapor came out of her mouth as she spoke. She frowned and saw that Janet’s call got disconnected.

Janet was equally surprised; she didn’t expect Ethan to hang up on her. He had always picked up her call regardless of the circumstances.

Her heart sank with dejection.

“I guess my husband is busy.” Her face turned red with cold as another sneezing fit seized her. She rubbed her nose and said, “I’d better call the police for help.”

“Hurry up.” Laney’s teeth chattered. “I feel your phone might get turned off any time.”

Janet rubbed her palms together that had turned numb in the cold. Just then, her phone suddenly turned black.

“Well, you’re right,” Janet grunted with frustration and squatted on the ground. Her phone was fully broken now.

Janet and Laney tried their best but couldn’t turn on their phones. They were fully damaged.

“All we can do now is wait for the rescue team to arrive,” Laney said, staring at the boundless river and the endless stretch of darkness.

It was a road accident, so the police team would check the river. However, considering they were washed away and now at the far end of the river, Laney wasn’t sure if they could find them anytime soon.

However, the cold was the biggest problem at the moment. The temperature had dropped drastically, and it would get colder with time.

Janet was trembling. The cold seeped into her skin and was gnawing at her bones.


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