The Substitute Wife: My Poor Husband is a Billionaire Chapter 268

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Laney gently grabbed Janet by the wrist and helped her up. She said, “Miss Lind, you should take off all your wet clothes so they don’t make you colder. And don’t sit still. Otherwise. you will get frozen easily. Stand up and exercise to generate some heat.”

Janet had seen movies and heard stories of how people got frozen to d***h. She didn’t want to end up that way, so she stood upright and took off her coat with difficulty. She suddenly began to feel dizzy. However, she remained standing.

“Are you sure someone will find us? What if no one comes?” Janet’s teeth clattered against each other after she finished asking that question in a weak voice. She was speaking to Laney because she wanted to remain awake.

Laney took off her wet coat and wrung it dry. She then replied, “You need to keep your hope alive, Miss Lind. Someone will definitely come. Look over there.”

There were lights on the bridge in a distance. It meant that the rescue team was there already. But due to their distance, the rescuers couldn’t spot them easily. They would have to ride a boat towards them before they could be rescued.

Janet’s hope was dwindling fast as her strength began to fail her. She had just put one of her hands on her waist when she saw Laney waving her coat above her head. It was a white windbreaker, so it was a little conspicuous in the darkness.

“We might be stuck here for a long time. You’d better save your strength,” she said in a worried tone. She was afraid that Laney would break down before help came. After all, she had a petite and seemingly weak body.

Laney didn’t utter a word, nor did she stop waving her windbreaker: This wasn’t the first time someone was mistaking her for a weak woman. Janet, like most people, had no idea that Laney had been training since childhood and that she was much stronger than ordinary women. With great agility, she continued to wave her coat in the air to attract the attention of the rescuers in a distance.

“Not to sound pessimistic, but you are wasting your energy. It’s so dark here. I don’t think they would see the tinge of your coat from there.” Nonetheless, Janet decided not to stand by and do nothing. She mustered up strength at this moment. Cupping her hands around her mouth, she shouted, “Somebody help! We are here. Help!”

She called out for help more than a dozen times before her voice became hoarse and she got exhausted. The sound of the flowing water had drowned her shouts, so it occurred to her that her efforts were in vain.

In the dark night sky, there were only a few stars and a crescent moon. Time passed by quickly. The wind blew and the temperature dropped further. The water drops on the grass had already turned to ice due to the cold weather.

Janet and Laney were forced to hug each other tightly just to feel a little warmth.

This barely helped Janet. Her body was an inch away from getting frozen after a few hours. She was also trembling uncontrollably. She had no strength to talk and move anymore. Instead, she felt tired and sleepy.

Laney was stronger than her, so she still had some resistance to the harsh condition they were in.

“Miss Lind, please don’t fall asleep. The cold would get into you faster if you do. I believe that the rescue team will be here in an hour.” When Laney saw that Janet was dozing off, she called her name weakly and patted her face to wake her up. She knew from the paleness of Janet’s face that she might not be able to hold on any longer.

Janet was subconscious at this time and her eyelids were frozen shut. She had only her underwear on and the wind was blowing harshly on her. Although she could hear Laney’s voice, she was so weak that she didn’t have the strength to respond.

Before she fell asleep, Ethan’s handsome face appeared in her mind. He was smiling at her. It seemed very real.

Laney was at her wit’s end now. She had never been in such a difficult situation, so she didn’t know what else to do. She knew that they would both d*e here if help didn’t come soon. Her hope dwindled when she looked up and saw that the rescuers were still far away from them.