The Substitute Wife: My Poor Husband is a Billionaire Chapter 270

Efficient Search

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Charis’s heart skipped a beat when she heard Ethan’s serious voice.

Despite the angry expression on his face, she kept her cool and went over to take a look at his phone. She then said with an innocent expression, “What is this? I know nothing about this. Honestly, I didn’t hear it ring because I was engrossed in the files. I would have informed you if I heard it ring.”

Without saying anything further, Ethan checked his call log and saw that his phone had only rung once. He then pondered, ‘Perhaps Charis might be telling the truth. It seems like Janet only called once. It’s possible that she didn’t hear the phone ring”

The clock was ticking fast. Ethan didn’t have any time to think deeper about it, so he glanced her expressionlessly and walked out of the office with his phone.

The moment he turned his back, the innocent expression on Charis’s face disappeared. She stomped her foot and bit her lower lip in anger.

Garrett nervously followed Ethan out.

“When exactly did the car accident happen? Why didn’t you tell me as soon as it happened? Don’t you know that this is a serious matter?” As Ethan walked down the corridor, he dialed a number and placed his phone against his ear. His voice sounded anxious. He also had a sullen expression on his face as if he was trying so hard to suppress his anger. It was also obvious that he was seriously worried about Janet.

Garrett hadn’t meant to keep him in the dark. He had only found out about the accident some minutes earlier than Ethan got wind of it.

Laney, the bodyguard who he had hired to protect Janet hadn’t returned to the organization for the whole night. No one could even get in touch with her. It was only when Garrett received that message that he realized that something was wrong. The GPS tracker on Laney’s motorcycle indicated that it was parked on a bridge.

Coincidentally, a traffic accident occurred at that same spot a few hours ago.

There were many rescue officials and police officers on the brightly lit bridge at this time. The scene of the accident was sealed with caution tapes. There were also five police cars and a fire service truck. Some meters away, several reporters from television stations reported the news live and even scrambled to get more information. Some rogue ones wanted to bypass the barricade, but they were stopped by the frowning police officers. The entire scene was a mess.

Ethan just couldn’t stand by and wait for the police to find Janet. He ordered Garrett to immediately call out all the helicopters owned by the Larson Group to conduct an immediate search.

Some minutes later, a dozen helicopters went up the dark night sky. They flew over the bridge and the sound of propellers filled the almost quiet atmosphere.

Ethan was seated in one of the helicopters. He stared at the missed call on his phone and his eyes darkened. His heart ached severely at this moment.

Even though the government rescue team had been searching for quite some time, they weren’t quick enough. It took the helicopters only a few minutes to locate the two people who were clinging to each other on the sand bar.

Laney hadn’t lost consciousness yet, but she was in a terrible state. She could go into a coma any moment from now. Janet was frozen in her arms. Her lips were purple and her face was white. She was already unconscious.

Although Laney couldn’t move now, she kept taking short breaths in order to stay awake.

It was then she heard the sound of helicopters. When she looked up to the sky, a dazzling light fell on them.

“Sir! Three o’clock! We just found two women at the sand bar!”

The first team who had found them made the announcement and circled the area quickly. The pilot then controlled the helicopter and moved a safe distance away from the figures. A rope ladder was let down and some rescuers clambered down quickly.

“Finally,” Laney murmured when she saw the rescuers who were running towards them. She breathed a sigh of relief and her eyes shut.


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