The Substitute Wife: My Poor Husband is a Billionaire Chapter 275

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Ever since the day Jocelyn found out that she was pregnant, she had begun to inquire about Mrs. Turner’s current address.

Luke and his wife, Catherine, didn’t live under the same roof. They had been separated for many years.

After a few unlucky tries, Jocelyn was finally able to get the address from Luke’s secretary.

On D-Day, she carefully applied some makeup and dressed up. she wore the most expensive cloth and jewelry that Luke had bought for her. she then stood in front of the mirror and stared at her reflection for a long time. ‘Wow! I look like a queen. It’s time to begin the quest to take my rightful place. Catherine is an old hag. She will feel inferior when she sees me. In fact, I believe that she wouldn’t dare to stand up to me!’

With this thought in mind, Jocelyn became extremely excited, she took the pregnancy test result and walked out of the house with her head held high.

Catherine lived in a luxurious house located on the hillside of the sea. The beautiful scenery was so unreal that it could be likened to a painting.

It always took people’s breaths away. And Jocelyn was no different, she was in awe for a while. Like the contemptuous woman that she was, she continued to concoct more plans. ‘Jeez! This is the dream house I have always longed for! But that old hag is currently living in it. I must coerce Luke to drive her away once we get married. This house is only befitting for a queen like me!’

Still holding her head up high, Jocelyn majestically walked into the house. The first person she saw inside was a middle-aged charming woman who was dressed in expensive clothes. She was arranging flowers into a vase.

The woman’s eyebrows were slightly lowered and her nose and bright eyes looked like Charis’.

‘This must be Catherine.’ Jocelyn sized up the woman carefully, she could tell that Catherine used to be a beautiful woman during her youthful days, but she lost her beauty as she got older.

In her pair of high heels, Jocelyn walked over majestically and threw the pregnancy test result on the table, she put one hand on her flat belly and said, “I’m pregnant with Luke’s child. He dotes on me very much. You both have been estranged from each other for years. How about you divorce him now? I don’t want my child to be born out of wedlock. Give Luke a divorce, so I can take my rightful place as the new Mrs. Turner.”

Catherine glanced at her without uttering a word, she just cut the last tulip and put it into the vase.

Despite the small wrinkles on her face, she still looked peaceful and comfortable, she had an aura of calmness that she had cultivated for many years. It was as if the news didn’t get to her at all.

Catherine leaned back on the chair and turned to the servant, she then asked calmly, “Why did you let a stranger in?”

Jocelyn was surprised by the way Catherine remained unnerved, she thought the middle-aged woman would be mad at her. At this moment, Catherine had a mocking smile on her face as if she was staring at a joke.

Afterward, she put the vase on the tea table. The exquisite design of the tea table was complemented by the fragrant tulips.

Nodding her head in satisfaction, Catherine said to the maid next to her leisurely, “Go and call Luke now. The three of US have to talk face to face.”

This statement took Jocelyn off guard.

‘She wants to call Luke here? Why is she so confident that he will come? I thought they had separated for years. Is this woman just fibbing?’ Several confusing thoughts filled Jocelyn’s head, she felt that her plan was falling through at the very beginning, she hadn’t told Luke about the pregnancy because she had wanted it to be a surprise. A cold sweat broke out on her forehead as she stared at the indifferent elderly woman in a daze.

“And you, bring a chair for this young lady. She’s pregnant, so she shouldn’t be standing for too long.” Catherine had just picked up the teacup and taken a few sips of the tea when she asked another member of staff to bring a chair with soft cushion.

When the chair came, Jocelyn sat down while trembling in fear. Her heart thumped against her chest while waiting for Luke’s arrival.

“B****y h**l!” A voice boomed from outside about thirty minutes later. Luke had arrived.

His face and eyes were red with fury. As he walked into the house, his big belly trembled. He was behaving as if he was going to war.

“Jocelyn! Didn’t I tell you to take contraceptives?” he bellowed.