The Substitute Wife: My Poor Husband is a Billionaire Chapter 284

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Laney waved her fists and continued punching. The punching bag swayed in the air. After a while, she held the punching bag and finally replied calmly, “I’m in this line of work to earn a living.”

She then picked up a water bottle from the floor and uncapped it. After taking a few sips, she looked at him with displeasure in her eyes. “So what I am a woman? What does my gender have to do with my fighting capability as against that of a man? After all, you are a man, but I can easily kick your a*s.”

These words filled Garrett with fear. He scratched his head uneasily, not knowing what to say. ‘This woman looks tiny and harmless on the outside, but she’s actually inexplicably tough, what she said is very true. I had better not mess with her!’ Garrett admitted defeat in his mind.

All his life, he had only met s**y and charming women. They were all weaker than men and this always aroused his pity and love for them.

Laney was the first woman he had met that was charming but tough, she was also stronger than most men, including him. And this bruised his ego greatly.

He thought that it would be unwise to argue with her, so he put on a fake smile and did a welcome hand gesture. “There’s nothing wrong with that. Please go on.”

Then he walked to a treadmill and began to run.

He had known from the very beginning that they were two worlds apart.

They were the only ones currently in the gym because it was still working hours. As a result, they seemed too close to each other even though the gym was spacious.

Laney punched the punching bag a few more times before she began to practice her fighting skills. Garrett watched her for a while with his mouth agape. The sight of her fighting skillfully filled him with more fear. His self-esteem was dwarfed in her presence.

After making several futile attempts to concentrate on his exercise, he decided to pack up and leave.

Laney sneered under her breath when she saw him pick up his fitness bag carefully and make his way for the door.

She wasn’t surprised one bit. Ever since she became a professional fighter, she had come across a lot of men like him. Not only did they find it weird that a girl like her was a good fighter, but they were also intimidated by her. They always wanted to stay away from her.

‘Humph! Good riddance to bad rubbish!’ Laney didn’t give a d**n about insecure men like Garrett because she didn’t like them too.

Midway towards the door, Garrett stopped in his tracks and walked back slowly. He looked at Laney sideways and saw that her slightly pale face and long hair were soaked with sweat. Raising his eyebrows, he said seriously, “Remember to take a shower after you are done here. The bathrooms are behind the gym. The one with hot water is on the left and the cold one is on the right.

Blinking her eyes in confusion, Laney asked, “And why are you telling me that?”

When Garrett noticed that she was getting angry, he raised his hands and replied innocently, “It’s just a piece of harmless advice. You are supposed to work here as my secretary. If the other employees see you in my office in this sweaty state, they would think we just had s*x. I already have a terrible reputation, so it won’t get to me. But I doubt if you can take such embarrassment.”

Laney glared at him with a flushed face, she then uttered crossly, “okay, you can leave now!”