The Substitute Wife: My Poor Husband is a Billionaire Chapter 285

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Now that Laney became Garrett’s secretary, she got to see Janet often.

Today, she invited Janet out to dinner. “Thank you for recommending me for this job,” Laney said as she handed the menu over to Janet. “This one’s going to be my treat!”

Although Janet hadn’t really done much, Laney never liked owing favors to anyone.

Janet waved her hand and smiled. “It’s nothing, Miss Garcia. You’re the one who saved my life. 1 don’t even know how to thank you properly for that.”

“You don’t need to be so formal with me. We are friends now. Please just call me Lane. It’s what all my buddies back at the club call me.” A wistful smile played on Laney’s lips.

Janet leaned forward, curious as a cat. “A club? what kind of club is it?”

Laney stopped short, she had blurted out the words without thinking. “Well… You know, just a hobby club.” She cleared her throat and took a sip of water. “But they’ve all relocated to the countryside. I plan on saving a lot so that I can invite them back to the city.”

“How about you, where are you residing at the moment?”

“Down at Ester street.”

“That’s quite a distance from work. How about I help you find a place near Larson Group?” Janet offered. “The closer you live, the more convenient it is in terms of commute. Actually, I live in a pretty good neighborhood, with lots of affordable apartments. Would you like me to make an inquiry for an available unit?”

The opportunity was too good to pass up, and it would certainly be easier for Laney to protect Janet if they lived close to each other. “That’s great! Please do, and thank you.”

Thrilled, Janet wasted no time and immediately called up the real estate agent.

Soon enough, Ethan was notified of her request. It was only a matter of course, since half of the properties in the neighborhood was owned by the Larson Group.

Eventually, the women found a single-bedroom apartment. It was cheaper than most units in the area, despite it being fully-furnished.

Since Laney’s move, the two often traveled to and from work together. On some weekends when they were both free, they would go shopping and have dinner.

“You’re such a kind and generous person, Janet,” Laney remarked one day. “You must have a lot of friends.”

But Janet shook her head in response. “Not at all. I never really had friends even when I was a child.”

Since primary school up to her university days, no one had dared to befriend her for fear of incurring Jocelyn’s wrath.

“Well, then,” Laney said emphatically. “I’ll be your good friend from now on.”

No matter how they had come to know each other, it was clear that Janet and Laney had the same wavelength and got along really well.


It came to Charis’ attention that another woman had been hanging around Janet recently.

It didn’t take long for her to look into the woman’s identity.

“Laney Garcia?” she read the report, frowning.

Charis sensed that Laney was not the typical office worker. She might be petite, but she had quick reflexes and was rather nimble on her feet, and anyone with a sharp eye would recognize the faint traces of scars on her arms and shins. This woman was obviously a fighter.

Charis was instantly suspicious of Laney’s sudden appearance in the company, and ordered her men to investigate her background.