The Substitute Wife: My Poor Husband is a Billionaire Chapter 29

The Conflict In The Restaurant

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Janet put down the menu card as the blood drained from her face.

She stood up and looked at the two noisy waitresses. “What are you talking about? There is no time limit for ordering in your restaurant. Can’t we check the menu for a while before ordering?”

The two waitresses examined Janet’s and Ethan’s clothes and assumed the two were poor people. They didn’t think offending the two would cause them any trouble.

“We didn’t say anything. I guess you are mistaken,” one of the waitresses said confidently.

“That’s right. We were just discussing what to eat tonight,” the other waitress chimed in.

Ethan poured a glass of water for Janet and stood up. “I, too, heard what you were talking,” he said, glaring at them.

The waitresses looked startled. “Are you two here to make trouble on purpose?” one of them asked in a sobbing tone.

Just then, the restaurant manager heard the commotion and approached their table.

The manager looked at Janet and Ethan and back at the waitresses. “Enough! Stop fighting!” He waved his hand. “Don’t disturb the other diners. What’s going on here?”

The waitress pointed at Ethan. “These two have been looking at the menu without ordering anything. We didn’t say anything. I only reminded them to order, but they got offended and started fighting with us.”

The manager’s face darkened as he believed her. This was one of the most popular restaurants in the city. Many diners came to hang out without ordering food and sometimes ordered only the least expensive dish. These people came to the restaurant just to click fancy pictures.

The restaurant manager hated such people and assumed Janet and Ethan were here for the same reason. “All right. I understand what’s going on.” The restaurant manager straightened his suit and walked to Janet. “Sir, miss, please leave. Other diners are waiting for a table. If you don’t intend to order, please allow the other diners to occupy the table.”

Ethan’s face darkened. He didn’t expect the restaurant that belonged to Larson Group would have such poor service. The workers disrespected the diners. He wondered how Garrett managed his subordinates.

He crossed his arms over his chest and looked at the manager. “What makes you think we aren’t going to order food? You blindly believe their words without listening to us.”

The argument caught everyone’s attention. They stopped eating and gawked at them. Several passersby outside were also peeking into the restaurant through the glass door.

The manager broke out in a cold sweat. After all, the quarrel would affect the restaurant’s reputation. If the media covered the news, people would stop coming to the restaurant.

“I’ve already inquired the waiter and waitresses. You two were making trouble out of nothing. How dare you question me?”

The restaurant manager grew anxious and was desperate to solve the problem as soon as possible. He picked up the walkie-talkie on his chest and said, “Security, come to the second floor. A couple is making trouble here. Hurry up and drive these two people out.”

Janet became furious when the manager called the security guards.

She walked to the manager and glared at him. “Yours is a high-end restaurant. How could you insult your diners like this? Your service is poor, and your workers are impolite. And you drive us out of the restaurant if we point it out? My husband didn’t say anything wrong. How could you disrespect him? You’ve gone too far!”

The manager frowned and glanced around the guests who were already whispering about the issue. “What are you talking about?” he shouted. “Don’t spread nonsense to ruin the reputation of our restaurant. Our restaurant is known for our exceptional service.”

Ethan pursed his lips, trying to suppress his smile. He was happy to see his wife defend him.


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