The Substitute Wife: My Poor Husband is a Billionaire Chapter 291

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The dinner party was held in a fancy French restaurant.

“Lind, would you like to have a drink with me?” Tiffany was swiveling a glass of red wine in her hand, swaying it towards Janet. She glanced around the crowd before darting her eyes back to Janet.

With sincerity, she said, “I’m sure it must’ve been difficult for you to showcase the limits of your talent under all that pressure. I know what kind of person you are. Truthfully, I’d rather not say anything else. Different people have different views. Right now, I just want to drink this glass of wine with you first.”

Upon hearing Tiffany’s remark, all the employees of the company fell silent.

Amidst the quiet atmosphere, someone stood up and joked, “We didn’t think that Lind was very capable. She looks pretty meek. We’re actually surprised that she’s so incredible! Perhaps we should try to get along better after this drink?”

‘‘This could be a way to overturn the previous rumors circulating about me,’’ Janet thought.

She took a sip of wine and smiled at Tiffany. With a reserved smile, she said, “Thanks, everyone. I appreciate that.”

Now that she had cleared things out, Janet was over the moon.

When the dinner party came to an end, she received two messages; one from the bank, and one from Brandon. He said that he had given her a bonus.

It was a large sum of money.

This time, Janet accepted the money without any qualms. She had spent lots of time and energy for the fashion week in Seacisco, and she had indeed made great contributions to the event. Since she was just an ordinary woman who was short of money, Janet accepted the bonus gratefully. She sent Brandon some words of gratitude to express how grateful she was.

The dinner party didn’t last very long. Most of the company’s employees were married, so they had to go back to their families and take care of them.

Around eight in the evening, Janet’s colleagues sent her home.

Unable to restrain her excitement, she started humming a song while she was changing her shoes.

“You seem pretty happy. What’s going on?” When Ethan heard the door open, he came out to have a look.

He was holding the clothes that he had just taken out of the dryer. His broad shoulders, narrow waist, and the simple white tank top he wore made him look even more muscular.

Janet’s eyes lit up as she walked to the sofa to lay down. She had the look of satisfaction and relief.  “There was a project in the company I had been working on. Now that it has been completed, and I get some extra bonus!”

She didn’t tell Ethan all the details of the project, because she assumed that he didn’t know much about fashion shows. After all, men usually paid no attention to fashion.

Ethan nodded in response. Then, he sat on the sofa with a pile of clothes in his arms. Thereafter, he folded the clothes neatly.

It was then that Janet noticed that her underwear were among the clothes he was folding. Her bras and panties looked a lot smaller in his hands.

“I can fold those myself!” Janet took her underwear away; her face turned red.

Ethan didn’t think it was a big deal, for he had done this many times. He chuckled and pinched her blushing face. “We’re a couple. Why are you so shy about it?”

The way her eyelids dropped and how her eyelashes fluttered about made Janet looked timid yet lovable.

Trying to suppress his smile, Ethan cleared his throat and decided to change the topic. “In that case, we should celebrate your victory! Let’s go out this weekend. You’ve been busy with work for so long that you haven’t had a chance to relax.”

He and Janet had been through a lot recently, and they weren’t even that close yet. All he wanted was to have an opportunity for them to develop their feelings for each other.

As Janet lay on the sofa, she stared at the ceiling. She realized that so many things had been happening lately.

She had done a good job during the fashion week, so she deserved to relax for once. Aside from that, ever since she and Ethan got together, she seemed to be getting luckier than before. Janet had left the Lind family, and she was able to stand out during the fashion week.

She looked at Ethan and asked, “I have no idea where to go. Do you know where we can go?”

Ethan picked up the neatly folded clothes, stood up, and headed back to his room, saying, “Yup! I’ll make the arrangements.”

Fearing that he would waste too much money, Janet sprang to her feet and said, “Don’t spend too much money!”

Adhering to Janet’s request of not spending too much money, Ethan took her to his private island near Seacisco. This island hadn’t been developed yet. At a glance, it was just an island with a dense jungle, and the only source of light at night was the lighthouse.

Ethan got off the yacht, grabbed Janet’s waist, and lifted her up. The waves dashed against the rocks and hit the reef. The cloudless sky seemed to have lined up with the coast.

“There aren’t any tickets or goods to spend money on here. So, what do you think? Is it economical enough?”