The Substitute Wife: My Poor Husband is a Billionaire Chapter 299

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A bodyguard opened the car door. After waiting for Janet to get into the car, Ritchie got in and sat next to her

Jonot looked out the window uneasily. She could feel Ritchie’s intense gaze burning a hole on the back of her head.

Just to be safe, Janet secretly texted Ethan, telling him that Ritchie had come to her.

Minutes had passed and her phone still didn’t buzz. Perhaps Ethan was busy.  Janet put away her cell phone and sat up straight. She was used to this. After all, Ethan was probably busy unloading goods in the convenience store.

Ritchie’s eyes wandered over Janet’s body and a faint smile appeared at the corners of his mouth. “Are you texting Ethan? My dear sister-in-law, there’s no need to be nervous. It’s just a simple meal between family members.”

Janet looked up at Ritchie. Only then did she realize that there was some resemblance between him and Ethan.

“No. I was just wondering if my friend has got home safely,” Janet said with a gentle yet alienating smile.

As though he didn’t believe her, Ritchie snorted and stopped talking.

The car stopped at a restaurant famous for its black truffle dishes in Seacisco.

The waiter at the door greeted Ritchie with a respectful smile. “Mr. Lester.”

It wasn’t until then that Janet realized that the Lester family might be more powerful than she had thought. Perhaps they were even at the top of the power pyramid in Seacisco. The restaurant manager personally came to introduce the new menu to Ritchie.

And it seemed like Ritchie was used to this kind of treatment. After entering the private room, he simply asked the staff to leave them alone. He didn’t pretend to be polite anymore when it was just him and Janet left in the room.

With his long legs crossed, Ritchie looked at Janet with no holds barred.

The car was dimly lit earlier, so only now did Ritchie get a clear look at Janet.

She wasn’t as beautiful as a fairy, but her skin was smooth and flawless. Overall, she looked clean and comfortable, but there was a certain tenacity in her eyes, which was likely to arouse a man’s desire to conquer her.

Ritchie had seen countless beautiful women in his lifetime, but he usually didn’t bother to waste time on them. The Lester’s family was so rich and powerful that women tended to pounce at any chance to be with him.

Janet wasn’t his type, but she was Ethan’s wife, which was enough to pique Ritchie’s interest in her.

Janet felt very uncomfortable under his gaze.

After pouring a cup of tea for Janet, Ritchie handed the overflowing cup to her then refilled his own cup. “How’s life with Ethan? We haven’t given him any money since he cut ties with the Lester family.”

After taking a sip of the tea, Janet replied curtly, “We both have jobs. Although our salaries aren’t that big, it’s enough to support us.”

Janet wasn’t used to opening up to strangers. Her humoring Ritchie now was solely for Ethan’s sake.

Ritchie looked at Janet’s clothes up and down. Although he was smiling, he sneered with such disdain. “It looks like you’re not living a good life. Your clothes and shoes are cheap. In a word, you look very poor.”

“This is Ethan’s and my life. It has nothing to do with you.” Janet’s eyes grew cold as anger brewed within her.

With a pitiful sight, Ritchie’s arrogant eyes wandered to Janet’s chest. “You’re so beautiful and talented. It’s unfortunate that you ended up with a poor guy like Ethan. Why don’t you divorce him? Then I’ll keep you as my mistress and make sure you live a rich life.”