The Substitute Wife: My Poor Husband is a Billionaire Chapter 300

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In the blink of an eye, Janet had poured the cup of tea on Ritchie’s face.

Ritchie’s expression immediately darkened. He raised his hand to wipe the tea on his face. Fortunately, the tea wasn’t piping hot. His eyes flashed with rage and he looked at Janet aggressively.

Taken aback by his fierce gaze, Janet stepped back abruptly, but she stood her ground.  “If you just want to talk nonsense with me, I’m leaving.”

As soon as she finished speaking, Janet turned around to leave.

Ritchie grabbed her wrist and rushed to lock the door to the private room. Then he pressed her against the wall as easily as though she were a ragdoll.

With an evil smile on his face, his eyes flashed dangerously even as tea dripped from his hair. He lowered his head, bringing his face closer to Janet’s, admiring her seemingly calm demeanor. “It would’ve been so much better if I could persuade you, but since you don’t know how to behave yourself, I’m going to have to use more than just words.”

Janet’s eyes widened with fear when she realized what he wanted to do. She struggled to break free from his grip and wanted to run out of the private room.

But the man was obviously much stronger than Janet. Seeing her struggle, Ritchie grabbed her hand, which was reaching for the door k**b desperately. He grabbed her other hand and easily raised her arms above her head.

“I’m calling the police!” Janet gritted her teeth. She felt ashamed and angry, and her eyes showed it.

“So what? They can’t touch the Lester family. Didn’t you know that, my dear sister-in-law?” Ritchie’s eyes suddenly turned red with desire. His impulsive actions excited him.

How would Ethan react when he found out that his woman was defiled by his brother?

Ritchie felt desire surge within his body as he pressed his body against Janet’s. Unable to wait any longer, he ripped Janet’s shirt open, sending her buttons flying into the air. “If Ethan finds out that I’ve had s*x with you, do you think he will still want you?”

Using all her strength, Janet tried to break free from his grip. Her hair was in a mess. In a sobbing voice, she shouted, “If Ethan finds out, he’ll never let you go!”

Without any hesitation, Ritchie sneered coldly. “Ethan is a loser. Even if he finds out about our little fiasco, what can he do? Maybe he’ll even give you to me as a plaything.”

“Let me go! Ritchie! Get your d***y hands off of me!” However, her efforts were futile. She kicked and screamed, shouting for help.

Helpless tears welled up in her eyes. She regretted agreeing to go with Ritchie. How could she have been so stupid? Then again, how could she have known that this Lester brother would be like this?

“This restaurant is my property. Even if someone hears you, they won’t come to help you,” Ritchie said with obvious delight as he watched her struggle. Then, he lowered his head and started kissing her on the neck, panting breathlessly.

“If no one’s willing to help me, then I’ll have to help myself!” Suddenly, Janet bit Ritchie’s ear-hard.

“F**k!” Ritchie felt as though Janet was about to tear his ear off, so he instinctively retreated a few steps back.

“F**k off, you b*****d!” When he was caught off guard, Janet kicked his shin. She initially wanted to kick him in the b***s, but he was too far away for her to reach it.

“If you dare touch me again, I will take you with me to h**l!”

The ferocity in her voice scared even Ritchie.

Then, Janet ran to the table quickly to retrieve her phone, but Ritchie acted faster than her.

“Oh, no you don’t!” Ritchie grabbed her phone and smashed it against the floor. In the blink of an eye, Janet’s phone screen shattered into countless pieces.

Janet had no choice but to step back as the man approached.

Just then, the door of the private room was violently kicked open.