The Substitute Wife: My Poor Husband is a Billionaire Chapter 302

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“Mr. Lester said that we have to catch them alive,” one of the men instructed loudly, shaking the stun baton he was holding in his hand. Janet and Laney could almost make out the sound of electrical buzzing.

As soon as it dawned on Laney that danger was coming their way, she took two steps back with Janet, but several more people immediately had them surrounded.

At the same time, they were about ten meters away from the exit, but Ritchie’s men were everywhere. If they wanted to get away, they would have to play smart.

However, Laney had no time to think up ways of escape now.

As soon as Ritchie issued the order, more than a dozen men charged at them. Laney fought them off to the best of her ability.

She had been an experienced fighter for over ten years. She was adept at fighting, with or without weapons. The guards, who tried to attack her with their stun batons, were quickly blocked by her hands and feet.

Standing behind Laney, Janet hurried to take a ceramic vase and smashed it down heavily onto the head of one of the men that had rushed over.

“Don’t bother getting your hands d***y. I’ll do my best to protect you.” Sweat poured off of Laney’s forehead. She quickly raised her foot and kicked the man who was about to capture Janet in his arms.

They stood back to back, surrounded by those men out to get them.

Tears welled up in Janet’s eyes when she heard what Laney said. She pursed her lips tightly and glanced over at Laney. “This is all my fault. I didn’t want to drag you down with me, but somehow I got you into this fix.”

Laney was stunned at first and then smiled gently after hearing her words.

‘‘Janet was such a stubborn and silly girl”

Seeing that Laney seemed like a professional, the men decided to band together to attack her.

Laney couldn’t deal with so many people all at once. Pretty soon, she found herself outnumbered. However, even at the most critical moment, she did everything she could to protect Janet.

She was doing her duty to protect her employer with all her might.

And she did, in fact, like Janet a lot.

Janet looked around at her surroundings and couldn’t find any weapons to help Laney out. She blamed herself for not being of much help to her and she had no idea how in the world things had turned out like this.

Ethan and Ritchie were brothers by blood and Ethan had never warned her that she should be on guard against the Lester family, so she had never thought this would happen.


All of a sudden, Janet’s mind was a mess.

She lowered her gaze to the ground in disappointment. She realized that there were really a lot of things she didn’t know about Ethan. The thing was she might have never really known him in the first place.

Ritchie liked to see others struggling desperately for their lives. He had already straightened up his clothes and was sitting in a chair, watching the two try and not get caught by his men. He crossed his legs and sat back in a leisurely manner. It appeared that he could still feel the lingering pain. He touched the back of his neck and cursed furiously, “B***h, how dare you actually hurt me!”

Laney gasped for breath. She was hurt with several wounds on her arms and legs. Blood seeped out from her clothes. It really seemed that she was badly injured.

Laney felt nearly wiped out. A few more minutes of this beating and she might actually pass out. She turned to look at Janet, l****d the bloodstains lingering on her lips, and tried her best to hold the fort.

Janet shook her head in Laney’s direction. She was feeling both anxious and worried. She tried to keep herself from crying, but soon, tears were streaming down her cheeks.

Seeing this, a man circled around from behind them, trying to catch Janet while she was distracted.

“Ah! Let go of me at once!” Janet struggled to get away from him.

At this moment, the man was suddenly kicked in the face and immediately fell to the ground as a result.

Someone pulled Janet behind him in order to protect her. She looked up and in time to see… That it was Ethan. Under his black cap were a pair of eyes full of anger and coldness. He glanced over at the men around, and then looked down at Janet. He said with concern in his voice, “Were you hurt?”

Janet threw herself into his arms and held onto his waist tightly. “I’m fine. Go and help Laney out,” she said as she leaned against Ethan’s chest.

Ethan nodded wordlessly and did just that.

He had an important client to meet up with after work so he didn’t get the chance to see Janet’s message until now.

It was too late when he finally did see it. It was his guess that Janet had already left with Ritchie so he rushed over to try and catch them in time.

Looking deeply into Ethan’s eyes, Ritchie sneered with contempt in his heart.