The Substitute Wife: My Poor Husband is a Billionaire Chapter 303

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“Ethan! I haven’t seen you in a long time!” Ritchie looked at Ethan with a big smile on his face as the latter slowly walked towards the guards.

‘‘How does this b*****d manage to look the same as he did many years ago? He still has that same distant look in his eves” Ritchie shook his head as he was amused to see that Ethan hadn’t changed at all even though he looked slightly more mature now.

Ritchie always saw Ethan as someone who would sell his body to make ends meet if it ever came to it. As such, he never considered Ethan to be good enough to be his rival. He always looked at Ethan with condescension and casual disdain as if there was no reason for him to feel threatened around him.

“You’re still a loser! You should just let your wife go! Give her to me and in return, I will get you a decent job. How does that sound?” Ritchie stood up and raised one leg up on the seat as he propped his elbow on his knee and stared at Janet meaningfully.

Ethan’s eyes darkened and he clenched his fists to stifle his anger. Paying no heed to Ritchie’s words, he helped up Laney, who was covered in blood after the fight.

When Ritchie noticed Ethan’s complete disregard of him, he got offended. “How dare you disrespect your master like that, you loser!”

Out of the blue, he grabbed a glass from the table and hurled it toward Ethan.

Fortunately, Ethan managed to catch it before it hit him. However, he couldn’t hold back his anger at Ritchie and he smashed that glass on the floor.

Without saying so much as a word to Ritchie, Ethan turned around to walk out with Janet and Laney.

Ritchie felt insulted and his face contorted in anger as he shouted, “Stop right there! I’m not finished talking to you!”

Ethan didn’t respond.

He had grown tired of letting Ritchie say and do whatever he wanted to him, but things were different now.

“Stop them. So, you think you can just disrespect me and walk away like that? Do you think you’re all grown up now?” Ritchie sneered at Ethan.

As soon as he gave them the order, Ritchie’s guards stood in Ethan’s way.

Just then, another group of men rushed in.

These men were dressed casually, some in plaid shirts and some wearing sports vests. They all looked sweaty and grimy as if they had just gotten out of a gym.

They looked nothing like Ritchie’s men who were all dressed in uniforms. At best, they could have passed as amateur fighters.

Glancing at Ethan’s men, Ritchie grinned and disdainfully said, “Are these guys with you? You must have hired them randomly on the street. You should know that the Lester family’s security guards are all trained in combat. Your men won’t stand a chance against them. If you have a brain inside that head of yours, you’ll come here and kneel before me.”

Ethan didn’t say a word. He simply raised his hand at his men, signaling them to not worry about the consequences.

Almost instantly, a vicious fight broke out between the two sides.

Although Ethan’s men didn’t look professional and they were clearly outnumbered by Ritchie’s men, they were better at fighting. Before long, each and every one of Ritchie’s men was groaning in pain on the ground.

The only man standing on their side was Ritchie.