The Substitute Wife: My Poor Husband is a Billionaire Chapter 31

A Drunken Kiss

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Janet finally snapped out of her astonishment when the owner of the restaurant left with his staff.

She quietly stared at Ethan. ‘How could he be so calm?’ she wondered.

“Ethan, what just happened? Why was the owner of this restaurant nice to you? Besides, he didn’t probe the issue to find out what really happened. How was he so sure that the waitresses were rude to us?”

Janet fired one question after the other.

“He didn’t have to question them. High-end restaurants always handle problems like these with care because they can’t afford to lose their reputation. The manager and waitresses were thoughtless, but the owner knew what to do. After all, losing even one customer would impact their business because reputation is their biggest asset,” Ethan explained.

Biting her lip, Janet nodded in understanding. Ethan’s words made sense.

“Speaking of which…” She grinned and playfully nudged his arm. “You were domineering like you were his boss.”

“Gangsters like us have to put on an act at all times. It’s a dangerous world. Otherwise, I’d be d**d by now.” Ethan filled Janet’s bowl with soup and looked at her. Janet felt he was right, so she didn’t probe further.

Since Janet didn’t have to pay for their dinner, she enjoyed the meal and ordered all her favorite food. The owner gave them a bottle of Lafite as a token of his apology. Janet had never tried expensive wine before, so she downed a few glasses and soon got drunk.

Therefore, Ethan picked her up in his arms and walked out of the restaurant.

Sean had been waiting at the door of the restaurant for a long time. He opened the car door for Ethan and grinned at him. “Boss, you and your wife are in a good mood today.”

“She is drunk.” Ethan gently put her inside the car. “Ask Garrett to inspect all the restaurants that belong to the Larson Group once again.”

Although Janet didn’t drink much, she was a wimpy drinker.

She complained about feeling hot and wanting to take off her coat when she was only wearing a thin coat and a camisole today. Ethan held her safely in his arms and glanced at the rearview mirror. “Behave yourself. We are not alone in the car,” he whispered in her ear.

Sean immediately looked away. He had been working for Ethan for many years but had never seen him this happy and intimate with anyone else. He felt emotional.

‘Has he become gentle?’ Sean wondered. However, he quickly shook his head. ‘Gentle’ didn’t seem like the right adjective to describe Ethan.

He had witnessed the fierce and dangerous side of his boss more times than he could remember.

“But I’m really hot. Very hot, Ethan,” Janet whined, leaning against his chest. She looked up, and her blurry gaze met his.

Ethan’s eyes darkened. He took out a piece of tissue to wipe the sweat off Janet’s forehead. “Hold on. We’ll be home soon,” he said, stroking her cheek.

Ethan’s hormones were on overdrive.

In a daze, Janet rested her head on his shoulder, her nose rubbing against his skin. Her hot breath blew against his neck as her fingers pressed his Adam’s apple. She somehow found it amusing and giggled goofily.

“Didn’t I ask you to behave yourself?” Ethan warned.

Before Janet knew it, he pinned her against the car window. His burning body pressed against hers as he stared at her with lustful eyes. Janet had broken his self-control. He inched forward and kissed her gently.

Ethan thought Janet had taken the initiative to tempt him, so he didn’t bother restraining himself.

He cupped her neck and n****d her bottom lip, asking for entrance.

Janet trembled under his weight and grasped his chest. She tilted her head up and opened her mouth to breathe. But Ethan slid his tongue into her mouth, deepening the kiss.


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