The Substitute Wife: My Poor Husband is a Billionaire Chapter 310

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Janet held her chest and looked at the woman with her mouth agape.

The security guards immediately rushed up to stop the woman. One of them snatched the microphone from her and the others tried to drag her away from the stage. “Miss, you need to be careful with your words. You are at the Seacisco Fashion Week and it’s a live show.”

“Ha-ha! That makes it even better. I want everyone to see who Janet is. They must know that she’s an intellectual property thief. Good day, everyone. My name is Luna Mccoy and I’m a designer from Lester Silk Fabric. Just now, I noticed that her designs are very similar to the designs that I did some time back. The resemblance is so uncanny that I’m sure she plagiarized my work,” the woman uttered arrogantly.

“What? She stole the designs? Unbelievable!” There was an uproar at the venue after the crowd heard Luna’s words.

Sparing her no time to continue, the security guards carried her off the stage. But she was stubborn. She struggled with them and continued to shout at the top of her lungs. “Plagiarism is a taboo for all designers! You aren’t supposed to steal someone else’s work. Janet, aren’t you ashamed of yourself? You claim to be original and creative, but you stand here and pass off my work as yours. You also pretend as if you did nothing wrong. Don’t you have any conscience?”

The news soon got to the sponsor of the Seacisco Fashion Week.

A member of the staff rushed over and said assuredly, “Miss, please calm down. We frown at plagiarism and attach great importance to the originality of the designs displayed on this show. We will surely look into this matter. But you need to tender some evidence to back up your claim.”

“Humph! Of course I have evidence!” Luna broke free from the security guards’ hold.

The uproar became even louder when the crowd heard that she had evidence.

Meanwhile, Janet was utterly confused. She pondered, ‘What’s going on? And why is this woman making such accusations? I didn’t plagiarize anyone’s work! I did everything myself!’ .

Tiffany was also surprised. She wanted to get to the root of the matter immediately. “Janet, the Seacisco Fashion Week is a big deal around the world. Headlining the show is supposed to take our company to the peak of the clothing industry. We can’t let this ruin our chances. You need to clear up this misunderstanding as soon as possible. Let’s go there!”

Plagiarism wasn’t a joking matter. Such an accusation could destroy Janet’s career and the company’s reputation in the blink of an eye.

“Ms. Fisher, I put this on everything I love, I didn’t plagiarize anyone’s work. All my designs are the products of my creativity and several sleepless nights. You have to believe me.” Janet held up her right hand as she swore solemnly.

Not only was Janet naturally an incorrupt person, but she also understood that plagiarism was taboo. She had even deliberately avoided using similar elements while putting together her designs.

“Of course, I believe you. But that doesn’t mean that everyone here feels the same way. Let’s go and see what’s going on. This is not only about you now; it’s also about the reputation of the Larson Group.” The calm and innocent look on Janet’s face further proved to Tiffany that this accusation was just a big mistake.

“Thanks for believing me. Don’t worry. I will handle it.” With inexplicable boldness, Janet walked over to where Luna was and asked, “What’s going on exactly?”

Luna had been d***g to hear that question. She sneered at Janet and took out her tablet from her backpack. After tapping the screen, she said to everyone present, “I designed a series of colorful spring styles last year, but the design department of the Lester Silk Fabric didn’t select it, so none of the designs were made into a finished product. But I was shocked to see Janet’s works on stage just now. They are very similar to mine. I’m a hundred percent sure that she got her hands on my designs and decided to pass them off as her own. She’s a thief!”

The entire show was halted because of this sudden accusation. The audience’s attention was on them.

One of the attendees who saw Luna’s designs said in a hushed tone, “Wow! Their works are indeed similar. I think she actually stole the designs.”

“Yes, the similarities are too obvious to overlook. The colors and styles are very much like,” another one concurred.

“Shush! Don’t jump to conclusions just yet. Let’s hear what Miss Lind has to say about the accusation. It’s unwise to judge only by listening to one side!” A guest disagreed vehemently.