The Substitute Wife: My Poor Husband is a Billionaire Chapter 316

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Janet clenched her fists and said through gritted teeth, “It hasn’t been proven yet. I have a clear conscience. I’ll never admit to it, nor will I apologize.”

Ritchie narrowed his eyes at her and fiddled with the ring on his thumb. “We’re giving you one last chance. If you don’t admit to it and apologize, we’ll sue you. Things will only get worse for you.”

Janet pursed her lips and didn’t say anything. She couldn’t confront Ritchie head on.

Seeing that Janet had fallen silent, Ritchie didn’t say anything more. He stood up and walked past her, muttering. “Just you wait and see, little b***h.”

Before Janet could respond, he left.

Tiffany patted Janet on the shoulder reassuringly. “Don’t mind him. Let’s go back. If Lester Silk Fabric had to threaten us, it means they’re not a hundred percent sure they’ll win in court. The ball’s in our court. We just need to see how the company will deal with it first.”

Janet nodded wordlessly. She knew that Ritchie was just trying to scare her.

Because the boss of Lester Silk Fabric himself had come to the Larson Group to question Janet, rumors about the plagiarism spread all over the building like wildfire.

Janet didn’t want to listen to them, but no matter where she went, she couldn’t escape those discussions.

On her way back to her desk at the design department, she heard colleagues whispering, “Why hasn’t she been fired yet?”

“Lester Silk Fabric and the Larson Group have always been enemies. But I never thought this would happen. Because Janet plagiarized some other person’s designs, she has ruined the company’s reputation. She should’ve left!”

Many employees in Larson Group felt humiliated and complained about Janet.

Biting her lower lip, Janet glanced at the gossipers and returned to the design department with her head down.

However, as soon as she reached her desk, a staff from human resources department approached her.

“Lind, can we talk in the meeting room?” the staff asked with a smile.

But her smile was not warm. Janet looked at her warily and said, “Okay.”

In the meeting room.

The staff of human resources department continued to smile unsettlingly. “Lind, I’m sure you’ve heard the news lately. It’s indeed a questionable thing for a designer to produce work that resembles another person’s work. This matter also has a great impact on our company. If you leave now, it would be good for both you and the Larson Group.”

Janet looked at her coldly and said, “I can’t resign now. You’re trying to tell me to leave the company before I’ve even had the chance to find out the truth. I simply can’t do that.”

The staff’s smile stiffened somewhat. She didn’t expect that a fragile-looking woman like Janet would be so difficult to deal with.

“We only make decisions based on the current situation,” the staff continued awkwardly.

She attended yesterday’s meeting and realized that Charis wanted Janet fired, so she wanted to help her succeed. It’d be beneficial to her if she could please Charis.

Janet’s gaze was bone-chillingly cold. She refused to back down. If she resigned now, it was like she was admitting to the crime.

“Let me make myself clear. I didn’t do anything wrong, and I’m not resigning.”

The smile was wiped from the staff’s face. She took out the resignation document and slid it across the table in front of Janet. In a tough tone, she said, “We will fire you sooner or later. By then, you’ll be even more embarrassed.”.

‘‘Judging from her aggressive manner, the senior executives of Larson Group must have given the order to dismiss me,’’ Janet thought to herself with a frown.

She was distressed. Those people were driving her to a d**d end.

Just then, her phone pinged. It was a message from Brandon. She hadn’t heard from him in a long time, so she glanced at the message quickly.

“Janet, I found evidence that you didn’t plagiarize.”