The Substitute Wife: My Poor Husband is a Billionaire Chapter 319

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Shocked, Ritchie cursed out loud, “F**k that b***h!”

His secretary was also scared silly. Glaring daggers at him, Ritchie was pissed off and kicked him in the a*s. Pointing his finger at the big screen, he cursed again, “What the f**k are you doing standing here for? Turn off the projector right now!”

The secretary stumbled to the stage and proceeded to turn it off.

Ritchie snorted, smoothed over his suit and made his way onto the stage. This happened to be his territory, not Janet’s.

He lifted his chin and approached her, holding his head up high. “Janet Lind, you better be careful with what you say. As far as I can see, you were just making things up so that you can get yourself out of your predicament!”

As he said this, he turned his eyes from her and exclaimed, “Give yourself up. Apologize right this moment! Don’t waste any more of our time here!”

“Then why did you turn off the projector if I was, indeed, making things up? That’s a sign of guilt. If you’re so sure of yourself, you should allow me to show everyone the proof. I’m sure that everyone here is smart enough to tell if I actually made up the evidence or not,” Janet smiled and said in a calm voice.

Ritchie was exasperated to hear that. He clenched his teeth tightly and pointed his finger at the door. “I thought you came here to apologize. If you’re not going to do that, why don’t you leave this place immediately?!”

While smiling, Janet didn’t say a word. Instead, she turned to the audience before her and said word by word, “Everyone should know the truth by now. I’m going to sue Lester Silk Fabric for slandering my name.”

After finishing her speech, she didn’t bother to argue with Ritchie anymore and went ahead to leave the stage.

This scene was live streamed and everyone saw for themselves what had happened. Everyone in the room and the audience in the live stream room was shocked to say the least.

The audience began to discuss this amongst themselves. Even though Janet had only played the videos once, the reporters had gone out of their way to record them.

“Mr. Lester, could you please offer an explanation for what happened just now?”

“Lester Silk Fabric and the Larson Group have been rivals for years now. Was this why you decided to slander Miss Lind in this way? In order to taint the Larson Group’s name?”

“If your statement about Janet plagiarizing one of your designers’ pieces was true, is there any evidence to back up your statement?”

The reporters all turned to look at Ritchie and kept on asking him and Luna questions.

“Miss Mccoy, are you going to make a statement? After all, weren’t you the one who accused Miss Lind of plagiarism in the first place? What are your thoughts on the current situation?”

“Did Mr. Lester instruct you to do this?”

“Tell us, what’s the nature of the relationship between the two of you?”

Being ambushed by the reporters, Luna’s mind went blank and she felt very embarrassed. She said frantically, “I have no idea. Don’t ask me…”

Under the dazzling flashing lights of the cameras, Ritchie couldn’t even keep his eyes open. He kept cursing out loud while pushing the reporters in front of him away and saying, “Get the h**l out of my way! Turn off your d**n lights! You’re blinding me!”

His secretary hurried to stop his curses. If Ritchie’s father found out about this, he would be very angry.

Having been spoiled by the Lester family since he was a child, Ritchie happened to be very irritable at this moment. Before he took over the company, his parents had to repeatedly remind him to control that temper of his.

His secretary cleared the way for him while speaking to the reporters. “Please, sirs, madams, Mr. Lester can’t answer all of your questions right now. We’ll announce on our official website if we have any comments.”

Finally, Ritchie and the senior executives of Lester Silk Fabric were able to escape the madness of the room.