The Substitute Wife: My Poor Husband is a Billionaire Chapter 326

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The Lester family lived in a luxurious mansion built at the foot of a mountain.

The trees were dense. Flowers and shrubs were trimmed and sculpted into various shapes in the garden.

A plump woman in her forties was directing servants as they decorated the living room. She was wearing a tight black velvet dress.

Nora’s 80th birthday was in two days. Patrick had invited many guests from rich and powerful families in Seacisco and was planning to go all out for his mother’s birthday party.

“Replace all the flowers with peonies. Nora likes peonies. And the tablecloth here must be bright red-dark red or scarlet are forbidden.” Elissa then looked at the curtain and frowned again.

She had a pretty face, and with some makeup, she could look even more dignified. However, there was a small black mole under her lip, which made her look a little mean.

The servants could only listen to her demands and changed everything to her liking.

After a while, a young man went downstairs, yawning. Still in pajamas, he scratched the back of his head and said impatiently, “What the h**l are you doing? I had just fallen asleep when you woke me up!”

When she saw her dear son coming downstairs, Elissa looked to the servants gloomily and said, “Alright, you can leave first. Finish this after dinner.”

Then she looked at Ritchie and warned, “You’d better behave yourself. You didn’t get up until dinner is almost ready. Be careful or else your father will scold you again.”

Ritchie stretched and yawned lazily. Then, he picked up an apple from the fruit bowl and grumbled, “I’m just pissed off by the Larson Group. They’re the reason why my sleeping schedule is messed up. By the way, I went to see Ethan a few days ago. What the h**l! I set up a trap for Janet as well as caused Ethan a lot of trouble. But the guy had taken care of everything!”

Ritchie didn’t even know how Ethan had made it.

Thinking of this, he suddenly looked at Elissa and narrowed his eyes. “Mom, did Ethan do well while I was abroad?”

Ritchie was starting to suspect that Ethan was no longer the loser he could bully and trample on.

Hearing her son’s question, Elissa snorted arrogantly, “I don’t have the time to even think about that loser. Nor do I really care. Besides, how could he do a good job in anything? The Lester family cut him off, didn’t we?”

“Don’t you know that old saying, that we should look at others with new eyes after some time has passed?” And a few years had passed. Now, it was hard for Ritchie to see through Ethan.

“Hmm…” Elissa thought about it for a while. All of a sudden, she felt that she had to be on her guard. She had been afraid of Ethan before, and now it seemed she had good reason to be scared.

“Then we have to pay closer attention to Ethan. Nora’s birthday is coming. A few days ago, she said that she hadn’t seen Ethan in a long time and wanted to invite him to the birthday party. I’ve already told your father to tell Ethan. We can use this party as an opportunity to test the water.”

Ritchie touched his chin and smiled. “That’s good. I’ve been thinking about teaching that brat a lesson. Mom, let’s humiliate that b*****d at the birthday party and see how he’ll react.”

Elissa sneered but said nothing. She hadn’t seen the illegitimate son of the Lester family in a long time.