The Substitute Wife: My Poor Husband is a Billionaire Chapter 328

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“What are they doing?” Nora said indignantly, “Didn’t I already tell them not to pick on Ethan? Why didn’t they listen to me?”

Elissa immediately made her way up to Nora and blocked her line of sight. “I’m sure they are only catching up. There’s nothing wrong with that, right? Would you like to see some of your gifts? There’s a painting and I’m sure you’d love it. It took Patrick a great deal of effort to find it.”

As she said this, she exchanged glances with Ritchie, grabbed hold of Nora’s wheelchair, and was about to take her up the stairs.

Seeing that Ethan was flanked on all sides by a group of men in suits and leather shoes and that the men were doing everything in their power to humiliate him, Janet was pissed off. She pursed her lips tightly, wanting to stand up for Ethan.

Just as she was about to walk to Ethan’s side, her wrist was grabbed tightly by someone. “Janet! What are you doing here?”

Janet turned around and discovered that it was Kaya.

Kaya was wearing a Chanel dress, with her short hair braided and a pearl hairband on her head. She seemed to have some work done recently. Janet observed that her eyelids, which used to be single-folded and unique, were now double-folded. She decked out from head to toe in luxury brands, like any wealthy lady.

If it weren’t for the way she addressed her, which sounded gentle but tinged with sarcasm, Janet would have trouble realizing it was her.

“What’s wrong?” Glancing over in Ethan’s direction, Janet didn’t have time to make small talk with her.

Now it dawned on Janet that after Kaya ruined her works by “accidentally” pouring coffee on her computer, she was completely disgusted by Tiffany and repulsed by all their colleagues. After that, she didn’t think she could continue being employed under the Larson Group, which was why she resigned.

Janet had no idea why Kaya was here.

Kaya let go of her hand and crossed her arms in a proud manner. “I’m a part of the Lester family now so why shouldn’t I be here?”

Janet asked impatiently, “Are you the help here?”

“What? No! Who the h**l are you calling the help? I happened to marry into the Lester family not too long ago, to Mrs. Nora Lester’s niece’s son. His name is…”

Janet kept on watching Ethan and didn’t pay attention to Kaya’s words.

She could recall that Kaya came from an ordinary family. How in the world did she manage to marry into the Lester family?

Kaya discovered that Janet was not listening to what she was saying at all. She looked in the direction of her gaze, sneered, and lifted her chin in an arrogant manner. “Is that your husband?”

Janet nodded.

She, in fact, wanted to go find Ethan, but Kaya had gotten in her way.

Finally, she stared Kaya down and said in a cold voice, “What on earth do you want?”

Kaya was now very smug. She kept right on talking, “Why did you decide to marry that b*****d? I heard that he’s actually poor and that he can’t even get a decent job. Life must be very hard for you. No wonder you have to work so hard. If you don’t, you might even starve. That’s why I think every woman should marry a rich man. See? Work is a thing of the past for me.”