The Substitute Wife: My Poor Husband is a Billionaire Chapter 331

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It had been a long time since the last time Curt and Ethan had seen each other. They chatted happily at the birthday party, trying to catch up as much as possible.

During this time, there was no one who dared to offend Janet and Ethan again.

At the end of the birthday party, Curt’s assistant checked his watch and approached the old man.

“Mr. Benton, it’s time to head back to take your medicine. The doctor has instructed me to remind you to take your medicine on time every day,” the assistant said in a low voice next to Curt’s ear.

“The medicine prescribed by those quack doctors is so bitter that it makes me sick to my stomach. I finally met up with Ethan today and was able to catch up with him. Why do you keep pushing me to go home?” Curt snorted like he was still a child who was told to go to bed early.

Ethan became serious once more. He knew of ways to persuade this stubborn old man. “We’ve already talked for a long time. If you want to chat some more with me, I’ll go out of my way to pay a visit to your house another time.”

Curt said farewell to Ethan rather reluctantly, “I have no idea when you’ll go to visit me. You’d better keep your promise, Ethan.”

After that, he turned to look at Janet and said, “Goodbye.”

Startled, Janet nodded in a respectful manner and said, “Bye.” She thought that Curt had not noticed her all this time.

Curt talked with Nora some more before he exited the birthday party.

Ethan came to attend the party simply to celebrate Nora’s birthday. Seeing that the party was nearly over, he was about to leave too.

“Do you feel tired? Shall we head back?” Ethan patted Janet on her back affectionately. “There was so much good food here and you seemed to have eaten a lot. How about we go for a walk?”

Janet indeed had eaten her fill. Though the Lester family’s members were not that nice, the food they had at the party was really delicious.

“All right, it’ll be good for digestion.” While holding her bag in her hand, Janet got up.

When they were about to head out together, an extremely dignified voice sounded out, “Ethan, wait a minute.”

They turned their heads and looked back in the direction of the voice. A middle-aged man in a dark red suit was making his way over and was standing behind them.

He looked over the age of fifty. His black hair was intermingled with gray hair. He was both tall and strong, overflowing with health and spirits.

He was none other than Patrick, Ethan’s biological father and the master of the Lester family.

Patrick had watched from the side as Ethan and Curt talked together for a long time at the party. He asked in a serious voice, “Tell me, how do you know Curt?”

People who knew famous people like Curt must be very extraordinary in some aspects, but Patrick thought he was missing something. In his eyes, there was nothing remarkable about his useless son.

“It was sheer luck that we came to know each other,” Ethan answered.

Patrick took two steps forward toward his son and said in a serious voice, “We’re thinking about collaborating with Curt.”

Ethan understood what Patrick meant when he said that. He pretended to be ignorant of his meaning though, and said, “Then I hope you can have a good chat with him about this collaboration. We’re heading back first.”

With a fierce look plastered all over his face, Patrick said in an impatient voice, “Since you and Curt have such a good relationship, you should help us win the collaboration. You’ll also benefit a whole lot from it.”

Ethan thought that this conversation was ridiculous. He sneered and lifted his chin ever so slightly. His dark eyes gleamed with a cold and contemptuous light. “You must know very little about me. Based on your relationship with me, why do you think I’ll actually help you? What are you giving me in return? Do you plan to give me a job of serving drinks and sweeping the floor? Is this your idea of a joke?”

The members of the Lester family were all stunned by Ethan’s blunt remarks.

Was this fierce man in front of them really the same good-for-nothing Ethan?

Regardless of the reaction of the other Lester family members, Ethan grabbed hold of Janet’s wrist and said in a whisper, “Let’s go now.”

After having said that, he directly left with Janet by his side.