The Substitute Wife: My Poor Husband is a Billionaire Chapter 332

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Every member of the Lester family was left stunned as they didn’t expect Ethan to speak to them like that. After all, he was usually the quiet type who would endure everything in silence.

Ritchie was so angry that he almost forgot that they were at his grandmother’s birthday party. Clenching his fists in rage, he cursed aloud, “Ethan’s a loser. How dare he behave so arrogantly?”

Before her straightforward son could say something that would get him into trouble, Elissa quickly stopped him. “Watch your language, Ritchie. We are at your grandmother’s birthday party. Behave yourself!”

It was Elissa’s fault for spoiling Ritchie as a kid and turning him into a person who lacked emotional intelligence.

Ritchie eventually kept his mouth shut and stood aside after he got scolded.

With a look of disappointment, Ritchie’s grandmother pointed at Ritchie and said, “How many times do I have to tell you that you need to control your temper? Why are you always causing trouble?”

“That’s not fair, Grandma. You’re always taking Ethan’s side. He’s just an illegitimate child and he’s not that close to you. Why do you like him so much?” Ritchie’s anger rose to new heights.

After all, he was smart enough to see what was going on.

Although Nora had never defended Ethan in public, she was always good to Ethan in private.

“Shut up, Ritchie!” Elissa glared at Ritchie furiously. After all, she didn’t want to make a scene in front of all the guests in the hall. “Go to your room at once!”

Frustrated, Ritchie snorted and walked upstairs.

Although there was no expression on Elissa’s face, a sense of crisis arose in her heart. Ritchie was right, and it was getting more and more difficult to see through Ethan.

Sylvia Larson was known for her forbearance and perhaps Ethan inherited such a character trait from his mother.

For some reason, the moment she looked at Ethan’s face, she thought of Sylvia.

She never found anything odd about Ethan, even though he was pretty meek in his younger days. Surprisingly, as the years passed, Ethan grew up to be a composed and respectable person, just like his mother, Sylvia.

During all the years that Ethan spent living a humble life in society, Elissa was too busy thinking about the Lester family’s company instead of making things difficult for Ethan.

However, it became clear as day to Elissa that Ethan was no longer the shy boy he used to be.

Elissa feared that Patrick would attach great importance to Ethan after finding that he had great potential. The thought of Ethan returning to the Lester family was intolerable for Elissa because she wanted her two sons to take over the Lester family business.

Elissa walked to Patrick’s side and tentatively said, “It seems that Ethan is all grown up now. He seems to have what it takes to speak with Curt.”

Patrick never paid much attention to Ethan in the past, but now he seemed very keen on him. It had been shocking news that Ethan managed to befriend Curt; after all, they both came from . different worlds and they shouldn’t have had crossed paths.

After pausing to think, Patrick fiddled with his thumbs and stared at the backs of Ethan and Janet, who were walking away.

“Ethan isn’t the same person anymore. He doesn’t seem to be as shy and cowardly as he used to be,” he finally said.

Elissa gritted her teeth contemptuously. She knew that it was time to take action as Ethan might soon pose a threat to them.