The Substitute Wife: My Poor Husband is a Billionaire Chapter 340

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Janet was only able to see the man’s face clearly when he walked closer to her.

At a glance, she noticed the overflowing greed in his eyes. He had a cunning expression on his face. His chapped lips and ragged stubble only made him look scarier.

Janet stared at his face for a long time, but she couldn’t recall seeing him before.

“Yes, I’m Janet. And you are?” This man was still a stranger even if he knew her name, so Janet was on guard against him. She put a safe distance between them as they spoke.

“Janet, it’s really you! I was afraid that I have mistaken someone else for you. We haven’t met for ages and you have changed a lot. I have to admit that you’ve become a lot more beautiful.” The man’s eyes lit up in excitement as he studied Janet’s face.

Coming back to his senses, he cleared his throat and asked, “You don’t remember me? It’s me, Tyler Wilde, Hannah’s son.”

The name did ring a bell. Janet remembered hearing about him from Hannah.

As far as she knew, Hannah’s son left the city around eight years ago. There had been no news about him since then. Janet also knew that Tyler was addicted to gambling. For the same reason, he had abandoned his own mother many years ago.

When Janet reached the right age, Hannah mentioned Tyler to her. Every time she talked about her son, she looked sad and worried. But as time went by, Hannah just pretended she didn’t have such an ungrateful son.

Tyler waved his hand in front of Janet’s face and smiled apologetically. “Now you remember me, right? I’ve made a lot of mistakes in the past that I now regret. But don’t worry. I’m a changed man now. Otherwise, how can I have the guts to face my mother?”

There was one thing that was on Janet’s mind at this moment she didn’t like Tyler. So she said while adjusting her scarf, “Well, good for you. Anyway, if you have nothing else to say, I got to go home now.”

‘‘This guy is weird. The world is full of weird people.”

“Wait, Janet! I bought something for my mother. Could you please give it to her on my behalf?” To Janet’s surprise, Tyler hurriedly stopped her and hander two large boxes of nutritional supplements.

Frowning, she asked, “Why don’t you give it to her yourself? You haven’t been back to your hometown for so many years. Hannah would be happy to see you.”

Tyler scratched his head. His eyes dimmed as he answered, “I tried. But my mother didn’t want to see me. She said she didn’t want a son like me. Alas, it was all my fault. I let her down before. She has all the right to hate me. I deserve it. Anyway, I’ve heard about you from our neighbors. They said my mother treated you like her own granddaughter. I also found out from them that you work for Larson Group, so I waited here, hoping to see you.”

There was a trace of sincerity in Tyler’s eyes, almost making Janet fall for it.

However, she returned the boxes to him and rubbed her cold fingers. “You should try again. Prove your sincerity to her. You’re still Hannah’s biological son. As long as you show her that you’ve changed, she will accept you. She talked tough, but I believe that deep inside, she misses you too.”

“Could you please go with me, then? She’s fond of you. I believe you can convince her to forgive me.” As if he was desperate, Tyler acted like he was about to kneel down.

But Janet quickly stopped him. “Don’t do this.”

Hesitation was evident in her eyes. She couldn’t tell whether Tyler genuinely changed or not. But he was Hannah’s only son. It was best if they reconciled.

After hesitating for a long time, Janet finally agreed. “Okay, I’ll accompany you. Anyway, tomorrow is Saturday. I don’t need to work. And I haven’t visited Hannah for a long time.”

“Really? Thank you, Janet! Thank you so much!”

The next day, Tyler and Janet went to the bus station together. During winter, the road was always covered with snow. The bus back to the village came every two hours. They were lucky to get on the bus shortly after they arrived at the station.

While on the road, Tyler kept asking questions about Hannah’s life in the past years. Janet politely answered all his questions with a faint smile, not noticing the glint of wickedness in his eyes.