The Substitute Wife: My Poor Husband is a Billionaire Chapter 350

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Sensing the danger, Janet turned around and attempted to run away.

But then, the door of the minivan behind her was opened. The people inside quickly grabbed a hold of her. At the same time, Tyler pushed her into the minivan. Then, he got into vehicle as well. The door of the minivan closed, and it soon drove away.

The human traffickers were already skilled at this kind of method, so they managed to perform the whole kidnapping within just a few seconds. Janet didn’t even have the chance to react when they threw her into the minivan.

Tyler and the freckled human trafficker sat on both sides of Janet. They sealed her mouth with duct tape, and tied her wrists together using a hemp rope.

She didn’t even have a chance to resist. She kept shaking her head and kicking her legs, glaring at Tyler.

“B***h, don’t you dare glare at me!” Tyler raised his hand, intending to slap Janet. However, the freckled man stopped him.

“Hey! Don’t damage her pretty face. It’s going to lower her value, man. Control yourself!”

Thus, Tyler dropped his hand and just glared at Janet. He then averted his gaze from her and asked the freckled man, “Are you going to hand her over to a buyer now?”

Meanwhile, the freckled man was texting someone using his smartphone. “That’s right. We’re going straight to the expressway to deliver the goods. We’ll arrive at Southernton tomorrow morning.”

“When are you going to pay me my share?” Tyler couldn’t wait to get paid.

“The money will be given when we’ve delivered the goods. Take it easy, bub. You’re gonna get paid.” The freckled man locked his eyes on his phone and didn’t bother to glance at Tyler the whole time.

Based on their conversation, Janet figured out what was going on. She understood that she had fallen into the hands of human traffickers.

She never expected that Tyler would be in cahoots with human traffickers and was planning to sell her for money.

At this moment, desperation and fear overwhelmed Janet. Tyler had lost his humanity and had become a villain.

The three men in the minivan were thinking of how to have fun after earning from the sale.

Just then, the minivan seemed to have run over something. A harsh sound was heard from outside, and one of the vehicle’s tires had deflated. The minivan began to swerve along the road until it gradually stopped.

The human traffickers were quick to react.

“What happened?”.

“We have a flat tire!”

The freckled man glanced at his companion, the driver, and figured that something bad had happened.

By now, the minivan was unable to move. Janet was inside their vehicle. Considering the fact that they were on a highway, and there were cars and people constantly passing by on both sides, they could get caught for kidnapping and human trafficking if anyone were to pay attention to them.

“What the h**l are you waiting for? Do you want to go to prison? Run, you fools!” The freckled man opened the door and jumped out of the minivan decisively. The driver also ran out from the driver’s seat and brushed past the bushes on the side of the highway.

Giving up on this deal was much better than going to prison.

A few seconds later, only Tyler and Janet remained in the car.

“Hey! Why are you guys running away?” Tyler shouted out of the window angrily. “D**n it! She’s still here! Don’t you want her anymore?”

Unfortunately for him, nobody replied. It turned out that the human traffickers had already fled.

Frightened by what happened, Tyler pondered for a few seconds until he decided to open the door and leave as well. Considering the fact that the human traffickers had already escaped, and he had no idea what the buyer’s phone number was, he realized that he wouldn’t be able to do anything even though Janet was in his hands.

With that in mind, he figured it was best to escape. But the second he got out of the minivan, he noticed a tall, strong man nearby. Just as he looked up, he was knocked out. He didn’t even get the chance to see the man’s face clearly.

Janet’s hands were tied and her mouth was sealed with a duct tape. Her only way to attract passersby’s attention and let them know she was in the vehicle was to kick the door as hard as she could.

After kicking the door twice, it was opened from outside.