The Substitute Wife: My Poor Husband is a Billionaire Chapter 353

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“Pour some saline water on his wounds.” Ethan’s eyes flared up with rage and hatred.

With eyes wide open, Tyler stared at the man standing in the darkness. All he could see was the man’s tall silhouette. Despite the fact that Ethan rarely spoke, Tyler was intimidated by him.

“I’ve already told you everything. Please let me go! Please…” Before Tyler could even finish his sentence, a bowl of saline water was poured over his wounds, causing him to scream in agony.

After screaming at the top of his lungs for a long time, he could hardly breathe. “I’ve told you everything I know! I won’t do it again, I promise. Please! Please, let me go!”

Ethan didn’t believe a word that came out of Tyler’s mouth. The way he stared at the latter was truly frightening.

‘Human traffickers, the casino, and a mysterious acquaintance… It’s all too much of a’ coincidence’. It might seem as simple as Tyler just intended to abduct Janet and sell her off to pay for his gambling debts. But there’s definitely more to the story.’

Ethan walked out of the room with a recorder pen in hand and said, “Take ‘good care’ of him, but I want him alive.”

Having said that, he went back to the room next to the interrogation room, pressed the recorder pen’s play button, and carefully analyzed Tyler’s confession.

“There’s an acquaintance I knew, someone from my village and I met him in Blakewood a while ago. He told me that my mom had been supporting a girl named Janet Lind. She works at a big company, and they say she hooked up with the Larson Group’s CEO. So, I figured I’d come here and ask her for money and mooch off her. Later on, I met two human traffickers at a tavern and decided to join hands with them to abduct Janet.”

In the recording, Tyler sounded fired up. He kept on repeating the same sentences, and he didn’t seem to be lying.

However, there two things that Ethan just couldn’t figure out.

Firstly, Tyler had been in Blakewood. It was miles away from this place, so the chances of him hearing about Janet when he was in badly need of money to pay off his gambling debts was astronomically low.

Aside from that, Ethan had asked his men in Blakewood to conduct a thorough investigation. The “acquaintance” that Tyler knew in Blakewood had been living there for years and never met Hannah, nor Janet. It couldn’t have been possible for that person to know what was happening in Seacisco.

Secondly, human traffickers were usually very vigilant. It was highly unlikely for someone like them to cooperate with a random stranger who they met at a tavern. ‘Tyler’s offer to join them that night was a spur in the moment decision. Why would they agree to his request so readily?’

Ethan turned off the recorder pen, interlocked his fingers, and continued contemplating.

‘Maybe Tyler is telling the truth. Maybe he really isn’t aware that someone has been using him as a pawn. Someone else is probably behind all this; someone who’s using Tyler to hurt Janet.’

At first, Ethan thought that someone from the Lester family must be the mastermind, but then he cast the idea aside.

“Even if the Lester family does want to hurt Janet, they’re not going to use such underhanded tactics. They prefer to attack head on. And even if their plans get exposed, they could easily deal with it. They don’t have any reason to do something like this and make things difficult for themselves.’

Thereafter, Ethan told his man to call the police over, and Tyler was put behind bars.

However, he had no intention of letting this go. He just didn’t want to alert the enemy that he was onto them. His intention was to continue to look into this matter further.