The Substitute Wife: My Poor Husband is a Billionaire Chapter 354

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It was late winter now and snow was frequent. Seacisco, the concrete jungle, was covered in a layer of snow and frost.

Catherine Turner was calmly making tea in her residence. After decades of experiencing the world, she had assumed a noble, elegant demeanor.

“My dear daughter, you’ve been looking sullen these days. What’s the matter?”

After pondering for a moment, she smiled at Charis sympathetically and asked, “Is it about a boy?”

Feeling agitated, Charis stared at the tea in her cup with her chin propped on one hand. “Mom, I don’t want to talk about it, okay?”

Catherine could sense that something was wrong. She eyed her daughter warily, wondering what had happened.

Although Ethan had warned Charis several times, she couldn’t stop herself from hiring a private detective to investigate Janet.

She had thought that she could use the Lind family to hurt Janet, but she found out that Janet had cut all ties with the Lind family. The only family she had now was Hannah Stone, who used to serve the Lind family.

But it was clear that Hannah loved Janet and would never do anything to hurt her. Charis couldn’t use her at all.

Fortunately, Charis also found out about Tyler, Hannah’s son who hadn’t been in contact with her for years.

Tyler was a scumbag and gambling addict. He was deep in debt and was at the end of his rope, so Charis thought that he was the perfect guy to start with.

Charis spent some money and asked someone in Blakewood who knew Tyler to “casually” tell him that Janet worked in the Larson Group.

Two days later, as expected, Tyler came running back to Seacisco and went straight to Janet.

Charis had thought that she had everything under control.

But what she hadn’t foreseen was that Janet would ask Ethan for help the second she found out about Tyler’s gambling debts.

And Ethan had dealt with it easily. Now, Tyler had no choice but to pay off his debts by himself.

Seeing that her plan was going to fail again, Charis felt frustrated and unwilling to let Tyler to start over again like that.

So that night, she used the Turner family’s connections to hire human traffickers to set a trap for Tyler to abduct Janet for money.

But just before her plan could succeed, someone meddled and ruined things for her.

Little did she know that Ethan had sent someone to replace Laney while she was out of commission. The new bodyguard was good and she saved Janet right after she was abducted.

Originally, Charis wasn’t that invested. If her plan succeeded, then that would be good for her. If it didn’t, then she wouldn’t lose anything. After all, because Tyler was the one doing all the bad things, he would be the one to go to prison. She could always back away.

But Ethan didn’t seem to intent to let things go so easily even after Tyler was put in jail.

Now, Charis was distraught. Ethan had begun to investigate the matter thoroughly.

He’d find out that she was behind everything sooner or later. “Mom, I need to go back to work. I’ll visit you another time.” Lost in thought, Charis looked flustered. She suddenly stood up from her seat, grabbed her bag, and hurried out of the room.

“But you just arrived-!” Catherine sighed regretfully. She hadn’t spent much time with her daughter ever since she lived separately with Luke.