The Substitute Wife: My Poor Husband is a Billionaire Chapter 356

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Elaine shook her head stubbornly. “I’ve been to prison once. It was the worst place on earth. The other inmates loved to bully me. Moreover, there was no freedom in there and you repeat the same routine every day. It was h**l.”

Charis smiled calmly. “So is your life here better? Are you happy?” She glanced around the motel in disgust. It was located downtown, but in a d***y, shabby part of the neighborhood. The only customers this motel served were gangsters and their prostitutes.

She got close to Elaine’s ear and whispered, “My dear, this is h**l. And have you thought carefully about who it was that got you here? She’s the happy one! She has a handsome husband and a stable job. She might even become a famous designer in the future. Elaine, will you just sit and watch as her life flourishes?”

Clenching her fists, Elaine gritted her teeth angrily, her eyes seething with rage.

She fell silent for a long time before she finally looked up at Charis again. “I want five million. Then, after I get out of prison, you have to help me emigrate to another country.”

Elaine didn’t want to stay in a place where she had been humiliated.

“Not a problem.” Hearing this, Charis smiled brightly.

She could easily give Elaine five million, but she had to be alive to enjoy that money.

The two women smoothed out the details of the agreement. Charis then managed to shift all the blame to Elaine and intentionally gave out some clues for Ethan’s men to find.

Soon, Ethan’s men were led to Elaine.

Elaine had hated Janet to the guts after all. And it wasn’t impossible for Elaine to find Tyler and pass the messages to him. Ethan took things at face value and sued Elaine.

When Charis found out that Elaine was put behind bars, she finally felt relieved.

“It’s finally over!” At home, Charis sank into her chair, her trembling fingers holding the phone.

It had only been about two weeks since Ethan had started the investigation.

Charis closed her eyes. She wanted to lie down for a while, but suddenly, her eyes popped open again.

Things weren’t over yet.

Elaine was the only one who knew what she had done. She had to make sure that Elaine wouldn’t tell a soul.

Charis picked up the phone immediately and dialed a number.

Fortunately, the Turner family had a lot of connections and she knew someone in Seacisco Prison. She called them and asked them to get rid of Elaine, ensuring that she wouldn’t live to tell anyone what Charis had done.

Less than two days later, the news reported that a female prisoner in Seacisco Prison was beaten to d***h by other inmates due to a trifle conflict. The matter wasn’t investigated too thoroughly. After all, the people in prison were all criminals and this sort of thing happened often. Soon, that news was drowned out by other things.

But even after everything was over, Charis still had a lingering fear.

She applied for a business trip to another city. She felt that she had to stop and lay low for a while before she did something again. The next time she took action, she had to make sure her plan was foolproof. Moreover, she had to maintain her perfect image in Ethan’s heart. Perhaps Ethan had already begun to doubt her not being as pure and innocent as she appeared, so she had to be extra discreet.

On the other side…

Ever since the human trafficking incident, Janet had been trying to find the lady who had saved her to thank her.

She went back to the area where the incident happened, but she couldn’t find a trace of the lady. No one in the area had ever seen the lady she described.