The Substitute Wife: My Poor Husband is a Billionaire Chapter 360

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Laney managed to duck away in time, however, Garrett wasn’t able to. He stood there in a complete daze as the food splattered all over his tailored suit.

He was usually very gentle and tolerant towards women, but when he saw Tracey throwing tantrums in public, it was hard for him not to get angry.

Fortunately, he was a well-educated man and exhibited none of the anger he was feeling at the time. “Tracey, people are dining here. Don’t embarrass yourself as well as ruin their night.”

After having said that, he went on to say in a calm voice, “I’ll never do anything that’s against moral codes. You can make a scene if you want but don’t do it in a public place. Let’s discuss some more about this after we get back, all right?”

Noticing that he appeared angry, Tracey became timid and didn’t say a word. Garrett grabbed hold of her hand and they proceeded to walk out of the restaurant together.

Before he left, Garrett turned to look back at Laney and apologized, “I need to head out now. Please let Ethan and Janet know that the restaurant damages and the meal will be on me.”

Afterward, he said after a moment of hesitation, “I’m sorry you had an unpleasant meal just now. I’ll make it up to you later.”

Watching his receding back, Laney didn’t say a word. It was not until Garrett was gone did she start to help the staff clean up the mess.

Laney kept her face devoid of expression, but she certainly felt stuffy in her chest.

She didn’t do anything wrong, but today, she was treated like a mistress and a s**t. She played the role as Garrett’s secretary simply to stay close to Janet and protect her. She never wanted to get involved in Garrett’s private life in the first place. With that in mind, how could she sleep with him? But now, she was being called an ambitious s**t who tried to sleep her way to the top, which was ridiculous.

Ten minutes later.

Ethan proceeded to walk out of the bathroom holding Janet’s hand in his. Janet walked slowly with her cheeks blushing and her lips swollen.

After walking into the room and seeing that the waiters were cleaning up and that their table had been replaced by a new one, Ethan furrowed his brows and asked, “Was there a fight just now?”

Looking at the oil stains all over the floor, Janet quickly walked to Laney and asked her, “Were you hurt? You should have gone with me just now.”

Earlier, before Janet could get a grasp on what was going on, she had been dragged into the bathroom by Ethan.

Laney forced out a smile and said, “It’s fine. I think the meal has already ended. Let’s head back.”

After coming back home, Laney mulled it over in her head for a while and sent a message to Ethan.

She didn’t want such misunderstandings to occur again in the future which was why she let Ethan know in the message that she did not want to continue working as Garrett’s secretary anymore and asked him to find her another job with very little importance to do in the Larson Group. Anyway, what she really was here for was to protect Janet.

At night, after Janet fell asleep, Ethan got Laney’s message and decided to give Garrett a call.

“How are things right now?” This was the first time that Ethan had ever gone out of his way to ask about Garrett’s private life.

This was only because Ethan knew that he was the cause of the problem, so he thought he should bring it up.

“It’s fine. I have handled the matter,” Garrett said in a calm and even tone.

“Since you’ve got it handled, I want to have a chat with you about Laney. She sent me a text, saying that she wanted me to find her another position. She was concerned that your girlfriend would make a scene about her being your secretary again and cause unnecessary trouble for you and the company. I thought I should discuss this matter with you first before I decide anything.” Ethan was silent for a few seconds before he said, “I agree with what Laney said. There shouldn’t be any more problems after we give her another job.”

Hearing this, Garrett appeared a bit excited. “You can’t just go about things randomly. Tell her she has nothing to worry about. Tracey doesn’t have enough trust in me. I have already broken up with her. Laney can continue working as my secretary. This job is the perfect undercover disguise for someone like her.”