The Substitute Wife: My Poor Husband is a Billionaire Chapter 361

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When Ethan had told Laney about Garrett’s words, it made her feel wholly uneasy and unsettled. Instead of feeling comforted, she was even more worried and restless than before.

On the next day, and as a consequence of their chat, she looked utterly listless when she went to work.

The instant Janet laid eyes on her, she sensed that something was amiss.

“Are you still thinking about what happened between Garrett and his girlfriend yesterday?” Janet asked tentatively, touching her arm gently.

Laney didn’t feel like there was any need to hide anything. “I feel so overcome by guilt. I was the reason for their breakup.”

For her entire employment as a bodyguard, she had never become entangled in any of her employers’ private affairs, let alone accused of being a s**t.

But Ethan was her boss, and she had no option but to follow his instructions.

Janet didn’t want to see her take all the blame for what had transpired between the couple. She peered around before she whispered in Laney’s ear, “To be honest, I think Mr. Harding is partly to blame. There was nothing between you two, and we all know that. But he has a reputation of being a player, so even if it wasn’t you, he would have been having a meal with another woman yesterday, and the same thing would have happened to that woman.”

When Laney heard this rationale, she nodded. Even if she tried not to think about it now, she would inadvertently do so when she met Garrett later.

After this incident, her impression of Garrett had become slightly marred. ‘He is definitely a playboy. He dumped that woman so readily, which must mean he hasn’t taken their relationship seriously. No wonder he changes girlfriends so fast, like how some people change clothes,’ she thought to herself.

After saying goodbye to Janet, she made her way to Garrett’s office to work. In order not to look suspicious, she had begun to learn about her job as a secretary. She thought that at least she should look the part of a secretary.

As soon as he entered the office, he saw Laney sorting through the documents and arranging his meeting schedules.

“You don’t have to do all these things. Just leave them to my assistant to attend to,” he said. Garrett walked to Laney and tried to take the documents from her grasp, but she quickly dodged him with a blank expression on her face.

Laney left with the documents in her hands and said in an icy tone, “Mr. Harding, this forms part of my job as your secretary. Besides, please keep a distance from me from now on. Thank you.”

She didn’t want to stay in his presence a moment longer, so she turned on her heel and was about to leave.

For no reason, Garrett felt annoyed. Laney’s attitude towards him was now obviously colder and more removed than before.

“Don’t mind what happened yesterday.” Garrett’s voice came from behind Laney.

Laney looked sideways and frowned, “Mr. Harding, you don’t need to explain this to me. Your behavior now will only make others misunderstand the relationship between us.”

She then closed the office door, leaving him standing alone in the room.

He didn’t know how to explain the true situation to her, nor did he know why he actually wanted to explain it to her. She was just there to be Janet’s bodyguard.

Garrett took a seat in his chair in an irritable mood. He didn’t even understand why he handled what had happened yesterday the way he did.

Indeed, he liked to date young, energetic and beautiful women. Although he had never fallen in love with any of them, he was good at buttering women up and charming them.

It was simply a misunderstanding and all he needed to do was to spend some time charming the pants off Tracey, which would be an easy task for him. With just a few new luxury bags, Tracey would forgive him.

Moreover, he and Tracey had only been together for two months and there hadn’t been many problems. Even if there were, they would be easy to solve.

However, after they had got home and he tried to explain the situation to Tracey, she still wouldn’t let it go. Somehow, he felt exhausted and soon lost his patience. That was when he really wanted to end things with her.