The Substitute Wife: My Poor Husband is a Billionaire Chapter 364

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Having heard Laney’s remark, Janet forced herself not to dwell on it too much. Considering the fact that there were a lot of people here, she figured that at least half of them should’ve seen that she didn’t push Emani.

Sadly, she completely underestimated the power of Emani’s fans to incite public opinion. Not only did they have bad eyesight, but they were also selectively blind.

The next day, Janet went to a hairdresser to get a haircut.

She felt that her bangs were getting too long, so she took Laney with her to a salon.

The hairdresser was a handsome man in his early twenties. He had short spiky hair, and he was quite adept at flattery. “This hairstyle suits you perfectly. Hold on a second. You’re an actress, aren’t you? I think I’ve seen you somewhere before!”

“Has that pickup line ever worked for you?” Janet bantered. It was indeed an old pickup line.

The next second, the hairdresser took out his phone, opened a video, and handed it to Janet. “I’m serious. Have a look at this! You look exactly the same. Is she your sister or something?”

When Janet saw what was on the screen, she was taken aback.

Someone had secretly taken a video of her and Emani by the lake yesterday, and it had been posted online.

Janet logged onto Twitter to read more about the news. After a few minutes, she had fully grasped the entire story.

There was an entertainment news report regarding Emani falling into the water while she was taking a break on the set. And now, she had caught a cold and had to stop filming.

Many fans were concerned about her health and left many comments regarding this matter.

Most of them guessed that someone must’ve pushed Emani into the water. The video showed that Janet and Emani were just sitting by the water at first. Without the intervention of outside force, one wouldn’t easily fall into the water. When they took a closer look, they noticed that Janet moved her arm slightly. It was as if she was trying to break free of Emani’s grip.

Moreover, Emani’s reaction during the situation was quite odd. If she didn’t fall into the water by accident, the only reasonable explanation was that the person sitting beside her had pushed her into the water. And that person happened to be Janet.

Janet scowled while reading through the comments. She then checked Emani’s page again. There, many fans had already left numerous impassioned comments.

“Emani, everyone is waiting for you to recover! Tell us what happened. Shed light on the situation.”

“We’ll always support you!”

“Did that woman shove you?”

“Who even was that woman? We should dox her!”

“Right. We should dox that b***h. I want to know what’s going on between her and Emani. How dare she do something like that? I’m gonna rip her head off!”

However, Emani didn’t provide any explanations. It was as if she had acquiesced to her fans’ sentiments.

At this point, Janet really wanted to speak up.

Just then, she got a call from Gerda.

“Girl, have you seen the trending video on Twitter? The woman in the video looks like you,” Gerda said anxiously.

“It is me,” replied Janet.

Surprised by the response, Gerda said, “Seriously? I don’t believe you’d do something like that!”

She was one of Emani’s fans. There was a time when she was so enamored by her looks. She had even joined her fan club, so she could hear firsthand news on Emani.

Gerda took a deep breath and said to Janet, “You should be careful. I saw some of Emani’s fans discussing something in the fan club’s group chat. They said that they intend to dox you!”