The Substitute Wife: My Poor Husband is a Billionaire Chapter 366

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“Don’t act as though we’re the bad guys here. Emani is still in the hospital. She’s such a kind-hearted woman! How could she ever offend you?” a girl said loudly, glaring at Janet.

Right after she spoke, the fans grew more emboldened and agitated.

“Yeah! Emani never hurt you before, you b***h!”

“No wonder your parents deserted you! I heard that you even put your foster mother in prison! What an ungrateful child! Sisters, let’s bring Emani justice today!”

From the very beginning, Janet had lowered her head and didn’t dare to provoke them. She didn’t want any trouble and thought that she could put up with this. However, she didn’t expect that the girls would bring up her family.

“You don’t know what really happened. I’ve never hurt Emani.” Finally, she raised her head and confronted them head on.

However, these fans were like rabid dogs. One of them even threw an egg at Janet, cursing, “You f*****g b***h! You still won’t admit to your crimes?”

“Beat her! Sisters, somebody needs to teach this b***h a lesson!”

“Why are you acting like the victim? Do you think you can talk your way out of this?”

Before Janet could defend herself, the crazy fans threw more eggs at her face. Someone even shoved her from behind.

Unable to bear it any longer, Laney snapped impatiently, “Can’t you talk like decent human beings? You don’t have to resort to violence!”

“What’re you saying? She can push Emani into a lake and we can’t hit her? Looks like this b***h’s friend is also a b***h!”

“Enough with the b******t! Beat the c**p out of them already!”

Chaos ensued. The angry mob kept throwing whatever they had at Janet.

Janet and Laney were definitely outnumbered and there was no way for Laney to protect Janet well while fighting their way out. What with all the projectiles being thrown at them, they didn’t have the chance to call Ethan.

As the two women were anxiously trying to escape, several security guards showed up.

“Enough! You’re in a shopping mall. If you have any personal problems, solve them outside!”

The security guards began to forcibly evacuate the crazy fans.

Before Laney and Janet could make their escape, one of the security guards singled them out and took them to the mall’s administrative office.

Still shocked from what happened, Janet followed the security guards in a daze and didn’t even bother to wipe the eggs in her hair.

“What on earth happened?”

The man’s voice sounded familiar. She looked up in surprise. Sure enough, it was Kent.

Seeing the shocked expression on Janet’s face, Kent couldn’t help but chuckle. The woman before him looked so goofy at the moment. Removing the egg shells from her hair, he asked, “Why are you so surprised?”

When Janet finally gathered her bearings, she turned her face away and murmured, “Thanks.”

Kent threw the pieces of egg shells on the ground and frowned with disgust. While wiping his fingers carefully with a handkerchief, he teased, “You’re always getting into trouble, aren’t you?”

“Why are you here?” Janet answered his question with another.

“I own this shopping mall. I came here today on a routine inspection and I happened to see you being besieged by those girls, silly.” As Kent spoke, there was a trace of affection in his eyes, which he himself didn’t notice.

Knowing that Janet didn’t like him and didn’t want to spend any more time talking to him, Kent pointed to an exit and said, “You can leave through there instead of the front. Emani’s fans might be outside waiting for you.”

Staring at the exit, Janet felt somewhat uneasy. She reached for Laney’s hand and turned to leave. Just before she pushed the door open, she looked back hesitantly and mumbled, “Thanks, Kent. I owe you one.”