The Substitute Wife: My Poor Husband is a Billionaire Chapter 371

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It was already quite late into the night when Emani woke up from her nap.

She picked up her phone, squinting her eyes, and logged into her Twitter. The discussion about the incident on the Internet was getting more and more intense. It would be strange if she still didn’t say anything after everyone kept urging her to say something.

Perhaps she could try to win everyone’s pity by claiming that she hadn’t been able to sleep because of her worries.

She organized her thoughts and put them into words before posting an official response.

“Dear fans, I am truly sorry for taking so long to speak up and say something. I haven’t been able to come online and respond to your requests as I have spent the past two days in bed being ill. I met Miss Janet Lind when I was the spokesperson of the Larson Group’s clothing brand. I liked her immediately and hoped to be friends with her. As for what happened the other day by the lake, I believe she didn’t really mean it. I hope that everyone will stop attacking her.”

It seemed on the surface that she was speaking for Janet, but in fact, she not only made it clear that it was Janet who pushed her into the water, but also implied that she had been friendly and nice to Janet. She was trying to imply two messages. For one, Janet had a problem with her, so she pushed her into the lake. For another, she wanted everyone to think that she couldn’t respond sooner because she was too sick to surf the Internet.

Emani’s post instantly infuriated the netizens. Many fans were swift to comment and hurl curses at Janet.

“Emani, please take care of yourself and don’t wear yourself out because of that b***h.”

“You are too kind, E. Talking about her will only give her more attention. I bet she’s proud of what she’s done to you.”

“E, you are the nicest person ever. How could that b***h treat you like that?”

Emani replied to these comments one by one.

Lo and behold, she succeeded in winning everyone’s sympathy.

As a star, she knew well what fans could do and that cyber-bullying could destroy a person.

Just ten minutes later, her post started to trend on every social media platform on the Internet.

Emani switched to another account with a different username and kept riling up her fans.

At this time, she received a call from Ritchie.

“Miss Gomez, I am impressed. Slinging mud at Janet even in such a late hour,” Ritchie said, snorting in derision. Judging from the music playing in the background, Emani guessed that he was in some club.

“Well, I’m not doing anything she doesn’t deserve. She put her foster mom in jail and cheated on her husband with a CEO. This is her retribution,” Emani said calmly. The fact that she was destroying someone’s life didn’t seem like a big deal to her at all.

Janet’s reputation got dragged through the mud now that the news was spreading like wildfire.

In truth, although Emani wasn’t a big fan of Janet, she didn’t really have that much against her either. She did what she did just to use Janet to curry favor with Ritchie.

“Mr. Lester, do you have any plans later on? I am all yours.” Emani smiled, whispering in a seductive voice.

Emani got to this from an oblivious actress, so she knew well how things worked in the industry.

With a glass of wine in his hand, Ritchie chuckled playfully. He always had a soft spot for women who were obedient. With a domineering voice, he said, “You are doing a good job now.” In truth, he was quite impressed with what Emani had managed to do till now, so he encouraged her. “I have been friends with Director Hinks for many years. Apparently, he’s been looking for someone to play the lead actress in his new movie. I will recommend you to him.”

Marion Hinks was a well-known director in the film industry, whose movies boasted a considerable roster of world-famous movie stars.

Emani’s voice rose with excitement. “Really? Thank you so much, Mr. Lester!”

Ritchie hung up the phone with a smile.

Emani was completely immersed in joy.

Just then, her agent opened the door from the outside and came into her room in a hurry, seemingly frightened. “Something horrible has happened! Wait! Why are you still laughing?”