The Substitute Wife: My Poor Husband is a Billionaire Chapter 38

I’m Her Husband

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“Help! Help! He’s trying to rape me!”

Janet grasped the door frame and shouted desperately.

Ike held her waist tightly and dragged her into the room. Despite struggling with all her might, helpless tears rolled down her cheeks.

She kept shouting until her voice grew hoarse. However, no one responded to her pleas.

Then, a flicker of hope ignited in her heart when she caught a glimpse of a waiter pushing a dining cart down the corridor in the distance.

Hoping against hope that the waiter could help her, she shouted with all of her might, “Help! This man’s trying to rape me! Please help me! Call the police! Please!”

The waiter paused and glanced at her as she called to him desperately. However, his eyes were cold, and he then proceeded to walk away as though he hadn’t seen or heard anything, disappearing behind the corner of the corridor.

“Shut up already. People here won’t meddle in our business even if they see it. After all, they’ve seen too much of it. So be a good girl and do as I say. Maybe I’ll even be nice to you later.” As Ike spoke, he eyed Janet’s exposed waist hungrily. He couldn’t wait to kiss her b**e skin.

However, as soon as he finished speaking, he suddenly felt a heavy blow to his face and he fell backwards onto the floor.

Ike was shocked. His face stung and, as the taste of metallic blood filled his mouth, he could tell that one of his teeth was broken.

“What the f**k? How dare you hit me?!”

Ike spat out the loose tooth and a mouthful of blood. Touching his stinging cheek gingerly, he flew into a rage.

When he turned to look at the perpetrator, his eyes met that of a fierce man standing over him. The tall, burly man was wearing a black jacket and a black cap. Beneath his cap, his eyes gleamed coldly.

“Ethan!” Wiping her teary eyes, Janet rushed to Ethan as though she had seen her savior.

Ethan met her halfway and stepped in front of her protectively. He took the black cap off of his head and put it on hers. Then, he wiped her tear-stained cheeks with his thumbs and said through gritted teeth, “Get out of here. Now.”

“D**n it! F**k you, you b*****d!” Ike angrily got to his feet. With clenched fists, he rushed towards Ethan in a fit of rage.

But before he could land a blow, Ethan caught Ike’s fist and twisted it, forcing Ike to the ground. It was like subduing a weak chicken. With dark eyes, Ethan raised his own fist to punch the despicable Ike’s face.

Ethan was a force to be reckoned with. After all, he was born ruthless and cruel.

Ike was beaten to a pulp. When Ethan was done, Ike couldn’t get up. Two or three of his teeth were knocked out, and blood flowed freely from his nose. Finally, he shrieked, “Let go of me! Please! Someone, help! He’s trying to k**l me!”

It wasn’t until Ike’s voice went hoarse that Ethan finally straightened his clothes and stood up. But he wasn’t done yet. He kicked Ike’s d**k and spat coldly, “Do something like this again and I’ll cut your b***s off.”

Ike immediately crumpled and rolled on the ground, screaming in pain loudly.

It took a while for him to recover. He quickly retreated a safe distance, like a cornered dog.

While he didn’t dare to attack Ethan again, he still had the audacity to spit at Ethan. “Who are you? How dare you meddle in other people’s business?”

Ethan calmly walked up to Janet and put his arm on her shoulder. To Ike, he held his chin up high and said coldly, “I’m her husband.”

Trembling like a leaf, Ike stood up, gnashed his teeth, and pointed at Ethan. “This isn’t over! I won’t rest until you’re behind bars!”

Then his pointing finger shifted to Janet. “And you! Don’t even think about coming back to the Larson Group. I’ll make sure you’re banned from the whole industry, b***h!” Ethan sneered, sending shivers down Ike’s spine.

“Is that so? I guess we’ll have to wait and see.”

At this point, he didn’t want to waste his breath with Ike anymore. So, with his arm around Janet’s shoulder, he turned around and left along with her.


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