The Substitute Wife: My Poor Husband is a Billionaire Chapter 419

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Janet returned to the Larson Group’s headquarters the next morning.

She heard some people laughing inside the design department. But the second they saw her come in, an ominous silence ensued in the room.

Everybody else in the office realized that there was a tension in the room, so they all glanced at the door.

“Hey! Shut up! Can’t you see that Janet is here already?”

“Wait… Is Janet the one who’s secretly married to Mr. Larson?”

“Who else could it be?”

Janet could hear them whispering among each other, and they all sounded surprised.

Deciding to ignore them, she went to her seat and sat down as if nothing happened.

When Gerda saw Janet, she poked her head out and went to the latter’s seat. Visibly excited, she said, “My queen! You’re finally back! Everyone in the company is shocked to hear the news about you and Mr. Larson!”

Janet could tell from the look on Gerda’s face that the latter was excited.

“Who spread the news?” she asked.

Gerda had no idea either. “When I arrived at the company yesterday, everybody was already discussing that you’re the CEO’s wife. Someone even took a video of Mr. Larson chasing after you!”

When Janet looked around, the people inside the department fell into deeper silence. The air felt tense and it grew worse with every passing second.

The moment she entered the company building earlier, she could sense that people were looking at her differently. Some were curious; others were confused. But most of them were giving her a modicum of respect, and were cautious around her. It seemed that the entire company already knew that she was Brandon’s wife.

“Everyone’s scared of you now!” Gerda declared as she looked around.

Janet burst into laughter. “Why would they be scared? Do they think I’m going to bite their heads off or something?”

Gerda winked at her and replied, “It’s because of your conflict with Patty. It didn’t end well, did it? Didn’t you feel that everyone was keeping their distance from you at the time?”

“Of course, I did! Patty’s boyfriend is a department head of our company. I can understand why everyone chose to side with her,” Janet responded.

It was difficult to keep healthy interpersonal relationships in the corporate world. In their world, any common fool who would go up against someone who had connections, someone like Patty, would just be asking for trouble.

“Well, that’s the point! Since you’re the wife of the boss, you’re completely different in everyone’s eyes now. They’re all nervous around you, because they’re scared you’ll take revenge on them,” Gerda remarked with glee.

She wasn’t a sensitive person, and she had always been on Janet’s side. Thus, she wasn’t nervous around her. As a matter of fact, this turn of events excited her.

Janet lowered her head and said, “I’ve already got a lot on my plate now. I don’t have time to waste seeking revenge on everyone.”

Gerda pouted. “They just feel guilty. Putting that aside… What the h**l, Lind? How could you hide the fact that you’re Mr. Larson’s wife from us?”

A bitter smile appeared on Janet’s face.

‘How am I supposed to answer that question? I don’t even know the answer, myself.’

Although it was quiet in the design department, all eyes were on Janet.

Just as she was feeling unsettled, someone gave her a pat on the shoulder from behind. “Lind, can I see you in my office?”

Tiffany stood behind Janet, crossing her arms. She looked as calm as ever, and she acted like she always did.