The Substitute Wife: My Poor Husband is a Billionaire Chapter 42

A Kiss

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The video clearly proved that Ike had assaulted Janet and attempted to rape her. He knew nothing would save him now. His legs grew weak, and he slumped on the chair beside him.

Garrett signaled his assistant to take away the laptop. “The evidence says it all. Ike Lyman, you are fired from the Larson Group on account of molesting a fellow employee.”

Ike looked at Janet with resentment, thinking about how to take revenge on her. A group of police officers then came and dragged Ike away.

Christopher walked to Janet and said apologetically, “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have let Ike take you away yesterday. Did he hurt you?”

Janet shook her head, smiling. Then, she put her design works on the table. “It’s not your fault, Chris. I told you not to get involved in the issue yesterday. I thought it was just a casual dinner with clients. How stupid I was. Fortunately, someone saved me in time yesterday, so nothing happened.”

“Well, that’s good. Thank God you don’t have to leave the Larson Group now. I wonder who filed a report against Ike,” Christopher said, smiling bitterly.

He regretted missing the opportunity. If he had stopped Janet from going with Ike or followed her vigilantly, he might have been the one who saved her. He would have been a hero in front of her eyes.

After Ike left, his position as the Department Director was vacant. Garrett conducted a meeting with the senior executives and appointed, Tiffany Fisher, the director of another department to take over Ike’s position. She, too, was a renowned fashion designer once.

When Janet returned from work, a wave of relief washed over her when she saw a man jogging in the community.

“Ethan!” Janet waved at him.

The man gradually slowed down. Janet couldn’t wait to talk to him. Looking at his handsome, sweaty face, she asked, “Is it you who filed a report against Ike?”

“Yes.” Ethan glanced at her and stopped running. He opened the bottle in his hand, gulped down a few mouthfuls of water, wiped his mouth with his sleeve, and asked, “Was he arrested?”

Janet followed him as he walked. “Yes. He was fired and took away by police this morning. How did you get the surveillance video from the hotel though?”

Such an incident would ruin the reputation of the hotel. Therefore, they wouldn’t share the video with anyone, lest they got into trouble. Moreover, Janet was a hundred percent sure about it because she had tried calling for help when it happened, but the waiter just ignored her.

Ethan took the laptop bag from her shoulder and walked toward their apartment. “I got some capable friends, so I asked them to help me get the footage.”

“Wow! You do know a lot of people.” Janet looked at him in awe, trusting his words. The longer she stayed with Ethan, the more she felt he was reliable and observant. She felt he had friends in every field.

“Thank you for helping me. You have no idea how shameless and persuasive he was. He denied the fact even when Mr. Harding was there.”

Ethan opened the door, walked in, and threw the keys on the table. Seeing the smile on Janet’s face, he arched an eyebrow and looked at her, “After all I did, you’re just going to thank me verbally? That seems like an insincere gesture.”

“What else do you want me to do? All right. How about I cook a hearty meal for you tonight?” Janet tilted her head and looked at him, blinking innocently.

“You think it’s that easy to satisfy me?” Ethan slowly raked his eyes across her body. Janet pouted and looked at him. “What do you want then?”

Ethan’s gaze settled on her plump lips as a wave of passion consumed him. He was really attracted to her.

“Well, why don’t you fulfill your duty as a wife by making love to me?” Ethan stared into her eyes; his magnetic gaze seemed to s**k her into a state of bliss.

“Be serious!” Janet blushed and turned around to leave. Ethan grabbed her hand and scratched his hair. “All right. At least kiss me.”

Janet turned around and pursed her lips without answering his question.

Seeing that she didn’t refuse, Ethan pulled her closer to him, gently took her hand, and wrapped them around his waist. “Hurry up.” He closed his eyes and said, “I won’t look at you.”

Janet’s face turned hot. Since Ethan was standing with his eyes closed, she mustered the courage to look at him. He was a handsome man, mature, and manly. Janet’s heart took a sprint in her chest as she looked at him.

After a moment’s hesitation, Janet looked at his lips, stood on tiptoe, and gently kissed him.


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