The Substitute Wife: My Poor Husband is a Billionaire Chapter 425

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Charis haughtily walked back to her office, a smug smile plastered on her face.

Seeing Janet running away with a pale face, she instantly knew her plan had worked. She closed her eyes and breathed a sigh of relief.

A senior leader had informed Charis the episode between Brandon Janet outside the club the other day. She was startled to know that Brandon’s real identity was exposed too soon.

Charis was annoyed that Janet could enjoy the glory and pride of being the wife of the CEO of the Larson Group.

The gold-digger would definitely cling to him more after knowing that Ethan was Brandon.

Charis didn’t make her move right away.

She wanted to observe what was happening, fully analyze the situation, and then find the perfect opportunity to attack Janet.

Therefore, Charis secretly watched Janet’s every move. Several department managers and senior executives tried flattering Janet with gifts and eateries. Although Janet had a pleasant countenance, Charis could tell at a glance that, deep down, she was unhappy. Janet was pissed off but was pretending to remain calm.

A smile emerged on Charis’s face. She guessed Janet was pissed off because Brandon had lied to her.

Charis’s opinion of Janet changed in an instant. She was surprised to know that Janet didn’t care about Brandon’s real identity as she believed.

If Janet wasn’t her rival in love, Charis would have admired her wholeheartedly.

Charis was born with a silver spoon, and the impoverished girls she had seen in her life were all greedy about money. Even though they all pretended like they didn’t care about money, almost everyone of them revealed their true colors as time went by.

Janet’s behavior surprised her. The woman was strangely unaffected by wealth and power.

However, it was also an opportunity to make her plans work.

Brandon and Janet had quarreled. Charis could use this chance to amplify the gap between the two and drag them apart forever.

After all, it wasn’t her fault. She was merely seizing the opportunity God had given to her.

Brandon had warned her earlier. But Charis couldn’t miss this marvelous chance.

If she didn’t make a move now, it would be impossible to separate Janet and Brandon once they reconciled.

Charis couldn’t let that happen.

She had to take the risk. Otherwise, she would never have the chance to be with Brandon.

Janet was tired of the people trying to flatter her the entire day. Therefore, she decided to take the stairs that day when she got off work to avoid her colleagues.

“Have they upgraded the surveillance system on the staircase?” Charis asked her assistant.

“All the CCTV cameras in the staircase will be shut down when we get off work later. The technical department will stay and upgrade them in the evening.” The assistant balanced the documents in her arms and added, “If there’s nothing else, can I leave for the day?”

“Okay. Ask the technical department to finish upgrading as soon as possible. After all, it’s a matter of safety. Without the working cameras, we won’t be able to investigate what’s going on if anything does happen.” Charis waved her hand.

Coincidently, the company was working on upgrading the security system. Charis could wait for Janet in the staircase after work when the cameras were shut down. That way, there wouldn’t be any traces left behind.

Things seemed to progress better than she had expected. Judging from Janet’s reaction, Charis realized she must have suffered a heavy blow.

She stood in front of the window, with her arms over her chest, and stared at the business hub of Seacisco before her.

She pursed her lips and thought about the prospect of her next move. It was pretty easy. Charis only had to make Brandon kick Janet out of his life. That way, he would be hers forever.