The Substitute Wife: My Poor Husband is a Billionaire Chapter 433

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Ethan returned to the Larson Group and made his way over to Charis’ office. He pushed her door open and entered, wearing a stone-cold expression. “Where can I find Charis Turner?”

The assistant had never seen her boss like this. She had also never heard him call Charis by her full name. Did this mean the company was going through a financial crisis? The assistant battled with so many feelings.

“Miss Turner is currently in a meeting with a foreign group, which should be concluded in a few minutes.” Charis’ assistant glanced at her watch and surreptitiously looked at Ethan who was still sporting his cold expression. Her nervousness at his presence increased as her heart beat wildly.

A few minutes later, Charis stepped out of the meeting room, looking worn out. “Get my things. Do you know if the driver has arrived for me yet?” The assistant pointed in Ethan’s direction with shaky fingers, unable to utter a word. Charis looked in the direction she was pointing and saw Ethan sitting cross-legged, on a black leather sofa. He stared at her with sharp eyes.

Charis suddenly had a recollection of a young man in a white shirt, constantly standing in front of a window, looking preoccupied with his thoughts.

“You can go now,” Charis said, signaling for her assistant to leave.

After she left, it was just the two of them in the office.

“I believe I’ve warned you never to play any of your mind games on Janet, but you have refused to listen, and now you’ve crossed the line.” Ethan stood up before Charis could utter a word and looked down at her.

His eyes were frosted over in anger. Charis had thought that she was ready for whatever consequences her actions brought. Now, however, as she stood with Ethan alone in the office, she realized she was very afraid.

Ethan moved in an unhurried pace and stopped right in front of Charis. “Since we were once friends, I will not punish you for your actions, but if you wish to keep your dignity, you will leave Larson Group. We can no longer be colleagues.”

Charis latched onto Ethan’s arm as soon as she heard what he said. Her face had crumpled dramatically. “No, please don’t do this, Brandon.” Charis was not one to ever show weakness, but now she could not help it, not with what was happening and the heartache it was causing her. “What I told Janet was the truth. You are each on different levels. It will not be beneficial to you in any way to marry her. You should marry someone you can consider an equal. I promise I was simply looking out for your future.”

Ethan shook her off and said, “I do not care about what you nobles deem marriage of equal status. I am not one of you. For me, the only reason to marry a woman is because of love. To protect the one I love and give her a happy life. That is my opinion and it will never change. I do not want or care for whatever benefits she brings. A marriage that is focused only on what you can gain from your spouse is not a true marriage, and it sickens me.”

“Your mindset will change sometime in the future! Our family can help you get Larson Group to a greater height!” Charis wiped her eyes of any evidence of tears. She was the daughter of the Turner family and right now she had to act like one.

Ethan stared deep into her eyes with so much cruelty. “It is none of your business who I marry, for it certainly will never be you.”

Charis’ pupils shrank in fury. “Ethan! Why do you think I do not deserve to be with you?” Charis asked. She was devastated by how blunt and hurtful his words were.

Ethan did not deem it worthy to give her a reply.

Embarrassment slowly seeped into her at his silence as her heart raced uncontrollably.

Charis stared at Ethan’s cold and calm face with resentment and turned on her heels, running out of the office in tears.