The Substitute Wife: My Poor Husband is a Billionaire Chapter 436

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By the time they arrived home, a delivery truck was parked in the driveway, and staff from South Pole were carefully transporting one exquisite dress after another into the villa. Any woman would be quite overwhelmed to see so many gorgeous dresses at the same time, let alone own them.

Still, Janet couldn’t help but frown and scold her overly indulgent husband. “Ethan, you don’t have to spend so much money on me. We’d better save for the future, just in case. Stop squandering your wealth like this. I know you’re filthy rich, but…”

She unconsciously drifted into silence, thinking she might have said too much. She hadn’t completely reconciled with Ethan yet, and besides, it was his own money. By all rights, she wasn’t in a position to interfere with his finances.

“Forget it,” Janet muttered angrily and stomped over to the sofa.

Ethan chuckled at the grumpy look on her face.

He knew he should coax her and bring her over back to his side. If he let this selfless woman go, she would only end up getting bullied by other people.

“How about this, then—what if I surrender all my assets to you? You can take charge of my finances from now on.” Ethan plopped down next to Janet, rather surprised at himself. It seemed that he had taken well to getting tied down and submitting to his dear wife.

Janet gaped at him, just as shocked by his proposal, maybe even more.

Ethan had an obscene amount of money, and they both knew it. Was he even aware of what he was saying?

He cleared his throat and chuckled again, a mild attempt to lighten things up. “Take your time and think it over. There’s no rush. For now, just stay at home and get some rest. I’ll take care of everything else.”


Sure enough, Ethan was so busy in the next three days that he barely spent any time at home.

They had been sleeping in separate rooms ever since their fight, which only made it all the more difficult for Janet to see him. He’d be gone long before she woke up in the morning, and when he returned, she’d already be fast asleep.

Janet found herself overthinking the possibilities, especially since she was in the dark about whatever was keeping Ethan so busy. She tried to find things to do at home, if only to distract herself from her budding expectations and anxiety.

Finally, on the third day, their doorbell rang.

Janet opened the door to find a young man with short, curly hair and a bright smile.

“Good morning, Miss Lind. I’ve brought the stylists.”

Janet tilted her head to the side and narrowed her eyes. This man looked familiar for some reason.

Noticing her confusion, Sean promptly introduced himself. “Ah, pardon me. My name is Sean Johnson, and I’m Mr. Larson’s personal assistant. We have met once, a long time ago.”

Janetgasped and exclaimed, “Oh, so it’s you! Do come in and make yourself at home.”

Sean stepped into the foyer followed by several other people that included of a makeup artist, a hairdresser, and an employee from South Pole.

Janet instantly recognized them. For one thing, the makeup artist was renowned in the entertainment industry for having done international stars and supermodels.

Briefly, she wondered how Ethan had managed to book such a high-profile team.

This time, however, Sean ignored her puzzlement and proceeded to direct everyone to their respective duties.

“Alright, you guys, let’s get to work! We only have three hours to get everything ready!”

The team sprang into action at once and got busy.

Janet found herself feeling intimidated by the sharp and efficient atmosphere that Sean commanded. Nonetheless, she let herself be swept away by the motion of things.

True to their reputations, the makeup artist and the hairdresser handled her appearance like they were crafting a masterpiece. Janet was stunned when she looked in the mirror afterward; she hardly recognized herself.

Her hair was braided intricately and coiled on top of her head, highlighting her delicate features. Her eyes glimmered under her curly lashes and the soft blush on her lids. The stylists opted for minimal makeup, but it never diminished Janet’s beauty. She looked far more elegant, more dazzling; than most socialites in Seacisco.

She certainly looked different compared to how she looked on her first wedding ceremony.

Sean watched the final product of their combined efforts and nodded approvingly. He glanced at his wristwatch and checked the time.

“You may go out now, Miss Lind. Mr. Larson is waiting for you outside.”

Right on cue, the servants opened the door of the villa.

Ethan stood at the driveway, clad in a silver gray suit and holding a bouquet of tulips and lilies of the valley. He looked just as dashing as ever, but there was a more mature and steadfast quality in the way that he held himself.

He watched the love of his life emerge from the villa, the sunlight pouring over her lovely face. A wave of awe washed over him as he drank in the sight.

He offered his arm as Janet drew close, and when she took it, he murmured, “Only you could give this dress justice.”

Janet curled her gloved fingers around his bicep and grinned as he ushered her into the car.

The sound of salutes rang around. just as the car door slammed shut, and then they were off to the wedding venue. The Bugatti Veyron cruised out of the villa grounds with dozens of luxury cars in its trail.