The Substitute Wife: My Poor Husband is a Billionaire Chapter 437

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The wedding was being held outside on the lawn of a manor that Ethan happened to own.

It might be because Ethan had prevented the other cars from entering this area ahead of time that they could drive unimpededly.

Janet was so anxious that her palms were pouring out sweat. Looking at the scenery passing by outside the car window, she kept taking deep breaths in order to calm her nerves.

“Relax, you’re making me nervous, Mrs. Larson.” Ethan held Janet’s quivering hand, his eyes full of tenderness for her.

Turning to give him a look, Janet asked in a solemn voice, “If you do this, will your true identity as Brandon Larson be revealed?”

“It’s not too much of a big deal compared to getting married to you.” Ethan was concerned that Janet might overthink things, so he looked at her to see how she was doing.

The woman’s face was a little flustered, her drooping eyelashes shaking ever so slightly, and her soft and slender fingers were fiddling with the hemline of her wedding dress.

Ethan knew that Janet was very nervous today.

She didn’t like to stir up trouble for others. She was always afraid of becoming a burden to others.

But she and he had been married, and it was only right that they took care of each other.

“Janet.” Clenching Janet’s hand, Ethan looked expectant right then.

“From now on, the person next to you is Brandon Larson. Do you have any objections to starting a new life with him as the wife of Brandon?”

Janet’s heart skipped a beat and her face reddened unnaturally.

In fact, she was willing to right then.

But Ethan still had the feeling that Janet was still rejecting him since she didn’t say anything. He looked down at her gently and then said, “There’s absolutely no rush. I didn’t ask you to give me an answer right away.”

Their car made its way into the manor.

The whole white villa was overflowing with guests.

Seeing the luxury car coming in, everyone started to clap their hands.

Janet was shocked by the grandness of the wedding. On the readjust outside the mansion, all types of luxury cars lined up and the queue was about several miles.

It looked like the lawn in the manor could hold thousands of people. Those who attended included celebrities from various fields and rich families, as well as those in the media, came to witness the joyous occasion.

“Ethan, you should at least put a mask on. If you expose yourself, the Lester family will come right away to cause trouble for you, won’t they?” In addition to being shocked by this scene, Janet was worried about Ethan revealing his current identity.

“There must be other reasons why you’re hiding your true identity. Even though I have no idea what the specific situation is, I don’t want you to fall short of success just because of me.” As Janet said this, her nose started to twitch.

Ethan was startled for a few seconds. It looked like Janet had already guessed it.

His wife was really so smart.

Ethan placed his arm around Janet’s shaking shoulder and whispered in her ear, “I just want to make it public that Brandon and Janet are married. In this way, it will be common knowledge that you’re Mrs. Larson. Then you’ll feel at ease and won’t feel that I’m not being sincere enough. As for what you’re worried about, I’m going to handle it.”

Janet’s moist eyes widened. Tears wet her curled eyelashes, which gave a charming and enchanting look.

Janet cried even harder and a hint of bitterness surged up in her heart.

Ethan hurried to take out a square handkerchief from his suit pocket and proceeded to wipe the tears off Janet’s face. He was too anxious to say a coherent sentence for a moment there while wiping the tears off her face, he tried to comfort her, “Please stop your tears now, babe. You’ll need to fix your makeup if you keep crying like that.”

Janet smiled through her tears. The man before her was the decisive and ruthless CEO of the Larson Group. But now Was he was acting so cautious in front of her.

She was feeling moved and she didn’t know if she should cry or laugh for a. moment there.

“Ethan, since you’re willing to marry me, of course, I won’t be giving up on you so easily. Even though being Brandon Larson’s wife is no easy thing, and I may be too young and not qualified enough, I’ll definitely try my best to be stronger and make you proud of me. If you feel worn out and want to go home one day, I’ll always be by your side the whole entire way.”

The two. embraced each other.

All sorts of feelings welled up in Ethan’s heart right then. “Janet…”

Ethan could tell that underneath Janet’s gentle and calm appearance, there was an incomparably strong, unyielding heart and that she would always stand by her man. She was obviously a very good woman.

The wedding music sounded out at that time.

Ethan led Janet out of the car, interlocked ten fingers with hers, and they both walked into the wedding site.